zzzz Now Recruiting, Going from Casual to Competitive

Calling all daily players that enjoy Solgard as much as I do to come join me at #zetes, buffs 5341.  Prefer strong Embla 18 or higher.

This guild was established but due to boredom and players going elsewhere has faded. Gonna breathe some life back into this guild and make it competitive.

Wanna learn strategies and be with people that like to have fun and kick buffs? You just found the guild for you.

@MarkHawk you're welcome to come join us to learn some strategies that Solgard might not be aware of... lol

All players gotta promise to do the Crew daily exercise.. warm up with a little reading of the guild chat, and donate one, and two and three, then, battle one and two, and bomb one.  Sometimes we strategically  change up the bomb and battle... need to do warm up activities first.

Come have some fun with us while we rise to the top!  

Plenty of room for new Crew members right now, but won't be for long... I'm in recruiting mode....lol



  • Being competitive does not mean pay to win.  Strategy will get us to the top! #zetes
  • Yay!  Another active daily player joined.. welcome home @Blitzbunny !
  • Yay! Welcome aboard CrystalHeart!
  • Yup, still looking for active daily players that love playing Solgard.  Take a leap of faith... jump!  to #zetes . 
  • If you're Embla 19 and are interested message me... let's chat!
  • Join has been changed to Embla 19.  We'll get you to 20..lol
  • Welcome home Shattrd! Yay!  Looking forward to your great recipes and artist chat : )

    Welcome aboard Draconn18!  
  • Thanks for adding me to the guild, I believe this guild has a chance to make it to the top!
  • Thanks @mightymama aka CyystalHeart!

    Yay! A great player that shares and follows strategy, and a daily player.  Doesn't get any better than that : p

    So happy to have you on the Crew!
  • Great line up for that OP Treasure Gnome today @mightymama ..  worked for me too!!   lol
  • Up to 10 strong active daily players with stategies!  Yay!

    So a little helpful hint to those in the Forum, the Solgard monthly subscription plan can really help you advance in this game.  The extra diamonds sure come in handy for Hero Arena and the Shop... lol

  • And can help your Crew advance with a ROD, Ring of Dawn, and Drop, Sun Drop Alixer.  Not a huge investment, and we'll worth it!
  • No OP gnomes getting us in here...loving the strategy sharing going on..lol

    #zetes looking for some more active daily players...
  • This is a great crew, this opportunity won’t last long.
  • Building a Crew for active daily players only. 

    Welcome aboard Dave!  Yay!  Another daily player!

    Frustrated with the casual players in your guild hurting your Leaderboard and Dungeons reward?... jump on over to #zetes!
  • Welcome aboard 2255.  Another active daily player!
  • 2255 is now DocK.  We have a doctor in the house, I think!  Yay!  lol

    We're growing and building that active Crew of daily players! It can be done : )
  • Welcome home BisonAtlantic and BBGun!  Sure have missed you guys!
  • Welcome aboard Kenji and Player1921!

    Yay!  The roster is filling up!!
  • Welcome to the Crew Phil and MoDoodle!

    Team is filling up quickly with active, daily players!  Only 2 openings left!

    Come on and join us. Be ready to kick some buffs next season... lol
  • #zetes... Someone please come and help with a new name for this guild!  lol
  • Thanks Draconn!  Tech savvy player just set up Discord!  Yay!
  • What is discord?
  • Go to our Guild chat @mightymama.   We'll explain it to you, and get you up and going if you're interested.  Not mandatory to join Discord. Our Crew Secretary will be posting both in Guild chat and at Discord.   Amazing multitasker, that Maude...lol
  • Wow! You are working it nice job! Good luck with the new crew 👍🏼
  • I am quite persistent... lol

    Was able to hit 98 and 101 in the casual guild.  Looking forward to seeing what a fully active Crew can do : p

    Had one player drop out.  3 openings left.  Join criteria is 19, and active daily players that love strategy and work as a team.

    Discord is up and running, but not mandatory to join.

    Still hoping someone creative joins to help with the team name.... lol
  • Had 2 players jump in and jump right out today.  My guess is they took one look at the Leaderboard and thought... I can do better than this... lol

    They didn't know #zetes was formed late in the season, and played half the season with half a Crew.... lol

    Now those players won't get to see what this Crew is capable of.   

    Pays to stop and ask questions.

    One spot available!  If you play daily, come join us at #zetes .  This Crew is gonna rocket up the Leaderboard!
  • Last spot taken.  Welcome aboard Ichigo!

    Have two players that have not responded if they are daily players so there may be room soon at #zetes.

    Message me at zzzz if you are interested in joining the Crew.  Daily players only : )
  • Had a casual player gracefully bow out.  Current opening is being held for @Triptych.  

    Could be one or two more casual players on the current crew.  Message zzzz if you want to be added to the recruiting list.  Please do not join without invite.  

    #zetes is a guild for active players that like team work and strategy!
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