Vile Villains Gang 4 final fight

QQ coming....

How do you match up the last boss on Vile Villains.  I am getting facerolled every time for a month.  My team below:

My issue is that even the passive abilities of these guys kill my combined characters.  If he gets a treebeard then its game over.  The attack when I combine kills outright and then at the start of each turn he finishes of anything I have left.  This before he ramps up over three turns and then pwns my entire team.

Hobling bouncing axe, cracklehoof lightning all wipe out combined chars.

If I get an attack through more often than not it gets blocked and my mana attack is blocked by pretty everything except the ballista.

Hate this level, so OP in my opinion and it's doing my head in.

Rant over.....any tips?


  • Congrats on making it to the last of Gang 4 @Will_Dorling !

    Vile Villians is definitely a tough group.  Took me a little time to get the last gang, and then you go back to Vile Villians Gang 1 once you win.  Been through Gangs 1 through 4 eight or nine times now.

    If you're gonna use Grimchop and Ram, they need a lot of strength and block.  Molds help with this.  When  you merge them try to get the 4 square on these two.  Have also won with a sub of Dazzlepaw for Ram.  And there's always two Grimchops side by side behind an already merged for the extra shield strike...  gotta get the shield strike ability up.  The shield strike can cause a Grimbash attack if you hit her.  Had a couple of close matches where the shield strike lost me the match.

     If your Ram is too high with shock, Grimbash is just gonna attack when shocked.  

    Need to keep your runners running, no 4 square, for Tusker, Redguard, Dazzlepaw or Roughpaw.  Sometimes I sub Redguard for Roughpaw.  So many different combos that will win once your creatures are ranked and leveled up....  just need to keep growing.  

    Good luck!
  • Foul Felons last gang boss should carry a health warning:

    Killing this boss will result in 2-3 months of having your ass kicked as many times as you want on a daily basis.

    Worse still, it also affects the gang pyramid event and, I think, boss arena strength?

    Luck will get you there in the end if you have the time to persevere. Hit with fast attackers, sync up if possible. Forget defending; large or slow creatures will just be worn down before they can attack. Vinebeard is your real enemy here; 1 is more than a pest. Two is a real lost cause. Focus effort on making sure it’s hard for the AI to make them in the first place by running over the unformed ones.

    It’s the last level of bounties. A big reward chest awaits. They aren’t gonna make it easy, but as you get stronger, it will get easier, I promise.
  • Today's Vile Villians Gang 4, and my line up:

    Was testing out my bear's strength but decided to change to Redguard.  You can also win with bear or Dazzlepaw subs.

    And the result:

    Yay! Back to Gang 1... : p
  • Solgard seems to like changes in the line up after you complete a gang, either creature rank and/or level ups, or a different line up.  Seems like if I try using the same line up with no changes my success rate goes down.
  • I keep the same line up for VV4 (though I have to change it for each of the three levels within the gang). I have cycled through 4-5 times now but still find it annoying how many attempts it takes to finish. I focused on idols and what creature wouldn’t die when it was hit by vinebeard. 
  • Not sharing the same frustration... could it be the line up changes improve my odds of winning? 

    I usually breeze through all 4 gangs, and you can tell from the above line up post that my creatures are not incredibly strong.   Just using the 4 squares on two strong defenders with lots of block, and no 4 squares on my strong runners...0 hold.
  • I just use the lineup up Rough, Dazzle, Rock, and Tusker now for all bounty levels. I was on VV 4 again today, and it took 6 tries with that lineup. It is frustrating, and until you get enough strong creatures leveled-up, it may take you a while, but once you break through, you'll start doing it in one day, even though it may take a handful of tries.
  • edited April 2019
    Gloomfang (5), Dazzlepaw (5), Gnawbark(6), and Tusker (6). Ironically it is the first villain with which I have issues. 

    If I get past the first I always get past the second and usually the third. 
  • Perhaps you can find a little help here on my Blogpost.
    I did a video of all vile villains enemies from Gang 1 to 4.

    Kind regards,
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