New version of Solgard is being rolled out!

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Hi guys,

We're currently rolling out the latest version of Solgard!

As always we're rolling out in stages so you might not see the update right away.

New In This Update
- UI improvements to help you handle big creature collections. Sort by rarity and power, with filters for type/role/color.
- Changes to the Guild Dungeons to make the mode faster, more rewarding, and more fun.
- Fixed Crystal UI to display damage done to that specific crystal. Overall crystal damage still visible by viewing the main chamber boss.
- The common chest available through the Hero Arena store now contains dust.
- Creature abilities that create randomly placed fire/stun tiles will no longer hit void tiles.
- Wyrm Wrangler and Dazzlepaw strength buffs will now properly affect two rows on your side.
- Underworld Sun Boosts can no longer be poisoned
- Fixed Mire Wyrm's Retaliate
- Ability numbers in description now update when the ability is upgraded
- Sun Drench attack effect will properly expire
- Various other bug fixes and improvements


  • STILL NO NEW CAMPAIGN LEVELS!!!!! Wow! whats going on??? this game is getting boring!
  • Yes, it is rather disappointing to not see any new creatures or the opening of Frozen.

    I went to work the other day, thought I was doing a great job with problem solving, only to be blindsided with a blast from my boss.  She totally missed the picture of how many things I had fixed, and never acknowledged the good I had done.

    So Snowprint, thank you for working out some of the kinks in the game! 

     I'm willing to wait a bit longer.  No use in ranting.. probably wouldn't get me 

    Are you not giving us hints about new game features because it might be the distant future.  Too much longer with no news about new features could mean a loss of a large number of players... or is your goal to have players seek other games to play?

    I know it's harder for me to focus and do a good job in a negative environment.

    I  wish all of the Snowprint developers a happy day, and hope all the negative comments don't get any of you down.  Rise above it all, be happy and bring us the new features and creatures we long for.

    Your dedicated Solgard fan,

  • New Solgard version now available at Google Play Store.
  • When Niflheim go to be available???
  • Snowprint... how about some info on the release of Frozen... sure would keep the Wolves at Bay... lol
  • My game updated and the game reset and I lost all my data. I want it back
  • @MarkHawk should be able to help you @msmaimz

    Try not to get too frustrated in the meantime... Also go to Help, same place as the Forum button, and alert the developers about this potential bug.  They truly are very Helpful : )
  • Having problems since the update today. The game hangs at the start up screen, gets to 30% then crashes. Have rebooted phone (Android), plenty of space, great WiFi connectivity. No issues with other games updated today. Please advise what to do. Really don't want to lose all progress, loyalty points and my place in my Guild. Many thanks. 
  • @msmaimz @PooBar >> Already answered your threads in support.
  • OK, thanks. 

  • I’m on iOS and still shows 1.6 as version. Where’s 1.7?   My iOS is up to date and the App Store isn’t the issue.  Why the delay ?
  • There have been quite a few bugs and it seems that it's been mostly with the iPhone. Check out the "support" forum. It looks like they pushed it out to some markets on iOS, saw bugs, and are waiting to fix those before making it available for everyone. Game crashes, losing all data, having to restart -- stuff like that. Just be patient b/c it will be along soon. Besides, this was a small update with no major changes, so you're not missing out on anything important.
  • Makes sense to first fix issues before rolling it out further. I have not gotten it yet.
  • It's great to now be able to sort creatures by color! However! When in color-sorted mode, if I tap on a creature and then click the right arrow, it should show me the next creature of that color, NOT use the creature ordering from the "all" sort mode. Usually when I sort by color I want to peruse the details of all the creatures of that color, for instance to decide which creature I should use my dust on to upgrade. So it would be very useful to be able to navigate the detail view while remembering to sort by color there as well.
  • @mischk I'm a little confused... are you using left and right swipe to navigate through the colors, roles, etc?  Sometimes it helps me if I see a picture of what you mean.  
  • OK, what I mean is, do the following:

    1) Filter by color.
    2) Tap the first creature.
    3) Tap the right arrow, i.e. the symbol that looks like ">" in the following screenshot:

    The result is a green creature, whereas I expect to see the next red creature!
  • Yup, picture worked for me.. I agree : )
  • Been a while on the Grimshaw and Frozen teasers.  Ready to give us an update Snowprint? 

    Know you're probably working on tweaks to the latest roll out, but would really love an update on the exciting new events to come, like Grimshaw and Frozen.


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