How can they improve Hero Arena?

There have been a number of recent positive changes to improve the playability of hero Arena: more tiers and better payouts come to mind. These are great improvements, however, there is still something that irks many of us who play hero arena -- the "fortunate" factor. Yes, the level of your creatures makes a difference most of the time (you will win more with lvl 7s going against lvl 6s, than lvl 6s going against lvl 6s) but that's not what I'm talking about. All things being (more or less) equal (say lvl 6s against lvl 6s) the game really comes down to fortunate draws more than anything else. If you get the good draws, more than likely you will win (and can even make a mistake here or there). If you don't get the good draws, it's nearly impossible for you to win.

In my opinion, the outcome of hero arena is probably around 90% dependent on getting fortunate draws, and 10% on creature selection and strategy/skill. I don't know what the devs can do to remedy this and make the outcome more dependent on creature selection and strategy/skill, which is why I am creating this post. So here are my 2 questions for the community:

1) What is your opinion on how much fortunate draws determine the outcome vs. creature selection and strategy/skill?

2) What changes can the devs make to enable the outcome to be more dependent on creature selection and strategy/skill?


  • First thing they can do is stop giving the Ai first move I can’t remember how many times I’ve been blown away in the first move especially when they get sunburst first move
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