Transfering progress ios to android

Is there a way to transfer ios to Android or vice versa? I’m changing my phone to android from ios. 


  • Hi there DashingChoco!

    There's currently no option to transfer game data between Game Center and Google Play.

    There's another thread here in the community related to the same topic:
  • @MarkHawk

    Is there anything Snowprint is doing for players who lose everything. 

    May lose long time crew member and friend who turned Embla 20 last night.. phone crashed and he had to go from Droid to iPhone....

    So very sad right now.  I know how much effort and dedication my crew member has put into reaching his level, and now he has nothing...
  • Bet you can tell this issue really bugs me... no recent posts lately because it kinda put me down in the dumps.

    Happy to report our player is now back up and running after substituting his new iPhone for a Droid.  He has able to contact us through Discord, and kept us posted.  So happy we waited for him.

    But it still bugs me... my phone choice is limited to a Droid until this is fixed.  Even if iPhone had a better gadget, I couldn't give up Solgard so it's Droid for me for now.

    Wonder if Snowprint ever noticed a drop in players when new phones come out or right around Christmas time.

    Some players may not have been as fortunate as my crew member, or preferred the new phone over Solgard.
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