guild cheats

I noticed that some guilds have created a second guild from which they move more players in the same day to get more attacks and donations in a day. This is called cheating. I propose that at the change of a player's guild this can not give or attack for that day.


  • Having two linked guilds does not automatically mean there is cheating going on so be careful jumping to that conclusion so quickly. For example RedditUnited and Reddit Academy are two complete guilds with pretty low turnover in both guillds and both are top 25 guilds.  If we were using one guild as a place to house players to rotate in for extra points then one would be ranked really high and one really low.

    That said, I do agree there is some of that going on (usually without the visibility of a second guild, those other players just dont have a guild when not in the big guild.  Your suggestion has been presented to Snowprint many times and would help curb some of the issues.
  • Maybe if we all keep reporting it as an exploit whenever we see it happen (King guild ranked 46 I see you) it will actually move up in the bug fix priority queue?
  • Much discussion has been going on in the Forum about this issue... so far the best scenario presented, in my opinion, has been to limit guilds to 40 battles, 20 bombs, and 3000 in donations per reset period.  

    To keep from publicly and wrongfully accusing a team, you might want to report suspicious activity through the Help Center, with back up screenshots. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I believe Snowprint has the resources to verify the data.

    If nothing is said, then that will be what Snowprint will do about the issue.. nothing. With enough reports, evidence and player dissatisfaction,  it will get their attention.
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