Crafting - Why Does It Suck? :(

I am enjoying the game overall, but I have no clue why the developers even put crafting in the game. It seems so useless the way it is currently setup. It is next to impossible to get molds, so the supplies you get are useless unless your a god at this game I suppose. Us mere mortals that have other activities (me) just do not understand why it is even in the game since I can do nothing with it. I am level 14 and have basically nothing I can do with any of those supplies. Does anyone else feel this way?

Maybe if enough of us do we can get the developers to loosen up on their crafting (molds) belts so we can actually use that part of the game.



  • Hi @Ski

    Did you happen to preview the new Dungeons season reward chests?  Looks like there are molds in the chests.  

  • P.S.  If you play the Underworld enough you will pick up not only crafting materials but molds too.
  • Also, you will get molds from the Boss Arena.

    BTW, it seems molds in underworld start around level 14.
  • SkiSki
    edited March 11
    Guess I am not getting across my thoughts properly. I have played the game a lot I feel and I am only level 14. I do not have the time some other do to dedicate hours on end to playing. I just feel crafting is useless for me cause I can't sit in all these different arena's for what seems like little reward and now you say I am just now to a level to start getting molds and such to craft. But as I said, must not be getting thoughts out properly. 

    Thanks for replies, but I can not be the only one that feels this way.
  • You are probably not alone! To clarify, I meant Underworld level 14, not Embla level 14.
  • Might have been one of the early, lucky ones.. picked up 2 identical Rank 5 Vidar molds in Chamber 4.  Don't know if things have changed since then.
  • Good to know! Perhaps it's still possible, although unlikely.
  • Ski! Your not the only one that feels this way... Unless you are throwing major dollars towards improvements and such, versus playing merit to receive rewards. Your going to have to grind your way through. I have only crafted two molds since the time I have been on this game which is ridiculous to me for the time spent. Game play merit vs reward system is not equal; your dollars are...
  • Ahhh, I didn't even think about the PAY-TO "Really Play" aspect of this all. Good point on dollars.
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