Recruiting Category

There are categories for Discussions, Ideas and Support. 

How about a separate category specifically for Recruiting? 

It would be nice to have subcategories such as looking for players, wanting to join a guild, and small guild merge with other guilds.  


  • There is a "Guilds" sub-category under the discussions heading. That is the place to post about recruiting ;)
  • Still think it would be nice to have recruiting separate from discussions, rather than a subcategory.  To me, it's two totally separate categories.

    Must be my OCD taking over and wanting to put everything in it's "proper" filing cabinet... lol
  • Just by looking at the headings, I would never have thought to look under Discussions for recruiting.
  • Hi guys,

    We might add a dedicated recruitment section but it depend on how many posts each category gets before the main categories gets changed.

    Currently all guild postings, including recruitment, goes to the Guild section - a 100% OCD compatible solution  B)
  • Thanks for the reply Mark.

    Where do I find the Guilds section or fix my Forum appearance?... lol

  • squeak, squeak, squeak
  • @zzzz Click on Discussions, then choose Guilds


  • Oh.. yours is so pretty!  Thank you for taking the time to read all the posts!

    Didn't realize the top three were subcategories... looks like I've got some tapping and reading to do so mine looks as fine as yours.  Yup, my OCD self is gonna have me busy this weekend to clean mine up.  lol

    Maybe some type of formatting change so newbies like me can tell the top three are subcategories?  Might cut down on your having to keep moving recruiting to the Guild section... lol
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