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There is one (of several) aspects of the hero arena that is maddening to me, and at times makes it feel as though the result of the match was determined before it began: blocking. Now, before I get into it, yes I know this goes both ways, in that I get the benefit of really amazing blocking at times, but also am the victim of it. Just today I had a Hero Arena match that was well in-hand (I should have won) except a rock gonch went on to make 5 blocks in a row, and destroy me. A level 6 rock gonch has a base block chance of 10%. With idols that can be increased some -- my level 6 has 25% blocking. Out of 5 attempts at blocking, my rock gonch should, at best, block 1 to 2 times out of 5 attempts. That is simply statistics at work -- that is the math. (Yes I know it wasn't my gonch I was fighting, but mine is pretty boosted, and most at my level of hero arena will not have a gonch boosted much more than that, if at all).  Over the course of a large enough sample size, it should be blocking 1 out of every 4 attempts as per the block chance provided by the developers. So why are we getting 5 out of 5 blocks sometimes on these crazy runs? I can understand Grim Chop and other defensive creatures sometimes doing this, but these overly lucky string of blocks from non-defensive characters, when you have done perfect strategy thus far in a match, is simply aggravating and frustrating. At this point, I would rather not have those crazy blocking runs for either side, and have it based more on the stated percentages as provided by the devs, so that we can plan our strategies accordingly, and not have these bad beats. If we go against a defensive team, we adjust our strategy accordingly, if we go against a non-defensive character or team, then we shouldn't get remarkable defense like 5 blocks in a row.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with me?


  • Guild and Arena buffs can add another 10% or so, but I agree with your point. Some creatures do seem exceptional good at blocking even though they don’t seem to have much (or any!) native blocking capability.
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    Good point about guild and arena buffs, but even still, it seems a little excessive to me.
  • So let's look at the math with a Rock Gonch at 35% block chance (10% base, + 15% for idols, +10% arena and guild buffs = 35% chance of blocking). In 5 attempts, there should be 1.75 blocks, rounded up, he should get about 2 blocks out of 5 on a good day.

    Now let's look at the likelihood of the Rock Gonch getting 5 blocks in a row, based on 35% chance: .35 x .35 x .35 x .35 x .35 = .00525 or a .5% chance of that happening. Basically, out of 1000 opportunities, the Rock Gonch should get 5 blocks in-a-row 5 times. That is very, very small odds of that happening.

    The way the game is set up however that doesn't seem to be what's happening, as there is a sizable portion of the game that depends on being "fortunate" (I would say being lucky, but the game already has a luck metric) where fortunate runs occur more often than what I would prefer (with blocking, critical hits, and especially getting favorable draws and matches on draws). The fortunate factor often overshadows skill and strategy, which is frustrating to me. Then when you factor in the "whales" who spend tons of money on the game who you have to go up against, you're in an uphill battle for a fair playing field. But then again, the game exists to make money, so I imagine it is set up this way to entice and encourage you to spend money (or more money) to have a fair crack at top spots in the top leagues and game modes.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I would love to hear other people's opinions!
  • In hero arena, are players actually playing against other players or generated computer players?  My suspicion has been that if we are playing against actual other players then there might be some guilds that are gaming the system as they were with guild boss.  Unable to confirm due to game does not give guild name of opponent.  
  • I often see creatures take a blocking stance but fail to see why as well. Glowbuck gives nearby creatures 100% block chance for 1 hit, for example, but I seem to get unexplained instances of this at other times too.

    I sometimes use Mudscrape and Elfling and find myself facing a row of creatures that I just cannot break through because they seem to block everything.

    Something definitely feels off...
  • You only have a choice of 2 opponents in the arena, Bedazzle. I very rarely, perhaps once or twice per season, have a chance to go up against one of my guild mates, and I’m pretty sure it is the team they last used in the arena.

    I guess you could burn diamonds to increase the chances, but I don’t see why you would go to that much trouble.
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    Bedazzle said:
    In hero arena, are players actually playing against other players or generated computer players?  My suspicion has been that if we are playing against actual other players then there might be some guilds that are gaming the system as they were with guild boss.  Unable to confirm due to game does not give guild name of opponent.  
    You are playing against a Computer AI  that is controlling the opponent's team. There is no Real-Time PvP in this game. You can click on the opponent's hero portrait to see their guild before you battle.
  • From my observation, and i’m Really not sure of what i’ll Say, but I think that the blocking chances is related to the strength of the creature compared to the strength of the attacking creature. I have not figure it exactly how the math works, but i’ve Seen a lot of weird things happening while fighting either very weak opponents or very strong opponents.  

    Even en if you’ve have a low chance of blocking, you could block very often if your opposing creature is a lot weaker than yours.
  • Denzik FYI. Just played against actual game player zzzz in hero arena which confirms that players are actually playing against other game players and not computer generated players. 
  • @Bedazzle ;  didn't know I played against you... gotta watch out for my Grimchop, 65 % block without Dungeons boosters.. lol

    Haven't seen your name pop up in my battle roster.

    It's all in my mold placement strategy.

    How'd my peeps (creatures) hold up against yours.. just curious.
  • All the players names are real, the battles are AI.
  • Just happened today.. 4squares rotbite for the opponent (level 6 No idols on it i checked before starting) . I combined a tusker in front (level 6 with abilities maxed and idols with 50%critical) . So i was pretty sure to kill it and win (Last 2 hp for the opponent). But..  rotbite blocked my attack. How is possible? Rotbite has zero block chance! Ok.. guild and dungeon boosters.. but..  the odds?
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