Need 2 lvl 20 or higher active soulmates

tag #BOZQH.  We are presently rank 150 with 18 players.  Looking for two more active solgardians to join our crew of fellow friendly, competitive, active, helpful teammates.  Find us by inputting tag# and just join. 


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    We have quite a few level 19 and 20 and ranked 44th in best season a season ago - currently ranked 137 due to a few inactives and some of our heavy hitters went to see what else is out there. We are looking to merge. Any interest in discussing? Or come check us out tag #PMAZZ
  • Tag# BOZQH.  Have one spot left.  Level 19 welcome.  Just be active, competitive and friendly. Do not need to be pay for play.  Just join.  Welcome.  
  • Hi, guys. How to move to another guild? 
  • Full. Guaderak. Tap on guild icon bottom right game page. Then click on info and find your name. Click on pencil and it will give you option to leave guild.  To find a specific guild.  Click on find under guild icon, click on search by tag# and enter tag number for specific guild. 
  • I have a couple of questions...if you are ‘kicked’ from a guild can you return?    How about if you leave voluntarily but decide you liked the guild after all and want back in.  Can you do so?

  • #NYTBN is AsgardsFinest.  181st last season, but looking for 2, 18+ players to help us improve.  Daily donations and boss fights are what help us to respect and appreciate one another.   We are all Canadian speaking mostly English.   We are a chatty and supportive group.  Come and give us a try.
  • See Discussions... Return of the Kicked Player.  
  • Colettebudge2.  There is no cool down period for players that are either kicked or voluntarily leave a guild at this time. Idk if devs will address this in future updates cuz guilds have been abusing this flaw in the game to allow greater than 20 players in a day to donate gold and attack guild boss.   

    If if one is kicked from a guild, Idk why the player would want to return unless they have mended their ways lol.  However, if one voluntarily leaves a guild and did not find grass greener on the other side, i personally would rejoin previous guild with brief explanation. Worst thing that could happen is you would be kicked.  Lol.  Just need extra padding for one’s backside.  ;),
  • I did exactly that... went to a team higher on the Leaderboard.. forgot to check the time zone, the new crew was nowhere to be found... went back to my first guild, and they didn't kick me. 

    Love a chatty crew... lol
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