How do you do that?

okay, I’m a journeyman of sorts playing. Level 19, load of 5 level players, legendary player, etc..  yet I look at level 20 player with loads of 6 levels including legendary minions. When I get to 20 do the rewards suddenly double?  Play daily till I can’t play any more, farm daily but right now it looks like I’ll get a 6 player some time in 2020


  • No the rewards don’t double. LOL. Most players farm for just a few creatures though and don’t spend or farm outside their top few creatures. That means they can get those to higher rank faster, but leaves the rest of their team weak. Plus, the xp needed to go from 20 to 21 is huge, and takes around 2 months to get... plenty of time to get those rank 6s.

    You aren’t necessarily doing the wrong thing by the way. Having a broad team means you will be better in Underworld, have flexibility with crystals for your guild, and be able to exploit any weaknesses in the arena.
  • It also helps in the Treasure Hunt and Rainbow where not all your creatures are available.  
  • Nos toman por tontos resulta que ahora espabilaron y hicieron tan imposible la subida de nivel que olvidate......Además en inframundo ya te quitan dos jugadores por partido...jeje...imposible acabar teóricamente. ..Estáis atascados sin nuevos niveles y ya el juego no es dinámico. Creo que estamos cerca del fracaso . Espero confundirme. Pero estoy rabioso y muyyyy enfadado. 
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