guild boss bomb damage

One of my members did not get the guild boss chest from  LOKVAR though player used attempt and did damage.  Anyone else experiencing the same.  In past, I did not get chest with just using bomb directly on guild boss so know that player has to use at least one attempt.  This players says he used one of his attempts out of two directly on the guild boss.  

PS:  why do players not get credited for useof bomb only on guild boss? Given new changes and shorter playing duration, perhaps this needs to be changed  to allow guild more strategy options of their teammates without being penalized. 


  • Thanks for posting your experiences with the new Dungeons @Bedazzle

    Will be asking our Crew to take screenshots of the battle log just before beating the Big Guy.

    If we notice any of the glitches you mentioned, I'll post here.

    It is my first impression if a player does  any type of damage, either through bombing or battling, the player should be rewarded for participating in the Boss take down.  
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