Event Coming Soon. Event Coming Soon. Event Coming Soon.

Yup, that's what I'm seeing in my Top 3 Frames.

Snowprint, can you at least clue us in on what events might be coming soon?

Missing the new creature events and have almost turned blue holding my breath on the release of Frozen, yet another Coming Soon feature.

How about some hints at least...lol

Truly appreciate your efforts on the Dungeons Improvement, and the addition of new creatures.

Please make players excited again by announcing what you have in store for us!

Thanks for all you do in developing a very fun game!


  • Hi there 4z!

    Game studio is working on a very important game update at the moment, so you may not see any new events coming in for the time being.

    Don't worry, this is a temporary calm, the frosties are gathering their forces, so use this time wisely to become stronger!
  • I'll go work on getting my peeps (creatures) up as much as I can, but there's only so much a girl do with limited events. LOL

    The calm before the storm!

    ....gonna have to choose wisely just in case it's the long anticipated release of Frozen.
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