Rank 76 last season guild looking for 2 active 19+

Stark #IDBXA is looking for 2 active level 19+ players who are capable of following current strategies for each boss. Must be active daily and donate. Current buffs are 5/3/4/1. We were rank 76 last season, 101 the season before. Aiming for top 100 again this season and if we can start the next season with a full roster then we will be aiming for top of 50


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    Any interest in discussing a guild merge? Our top season was 44th and last season 65th. We have some inactives and our heavy hitters are getting antsy. Looking to put all the play hard and pay to play in one squad and the ok players in a red shirt squad. Interested? You can check us out guild tag #PMAZZ
  • 1 opening just opened up if there's another interested
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