Active smaller Guild want to merge with same

We very active 6 guild members want to merge with other guild. Our lowest level is  16 . Any other guild in same boat and can see the benefit of merging , just reply.


  • Yeah I'm always looking for more players. We are under the Swiss flag the name of our guild is adapt. I play everyday and donate everyday. You don't need to just I ask play. People who don't play for more then 20 days get dropped.

  • Our guild could use new members. #HIYFY
  • #FQDVM Faírytaíl guild looking for fun members to be relatively active and down bosses together. Fresh guild
  • Same #tdbfn discord us
  • hi, tnx for replies, check out and compare guilds, and if more worth to join our guild , please do.

    #WXFPJ  DOOM guild buff : +5 hit points, 3% crit chance, 3% block chance, +1 merge bonus.

    Current position 978 - and with only 6 members. 

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