Too Many Molds, Not Enough Materials

I know we have talked a lot about molds and what we could possibly do with our extra molds that we don't need/use, but I'm thinking the bigger issue here is lack of materials. I am playing the hero Challenge more, and getting to the point where I have enough level 4s, 5s and and 6s to mix and match my roster based on my opponents lineup. No longer am I just using 4 or 6 creatures but going 12-15 deep on a regular basis. I would love to get idols on most, if not all of them, and I have plenty of molds to do so. In fact, I'm sitting on 20 unused molds right now. (Granted, some of them are pretty useless like the 3 Jormungandr common moon mold that gives shape bonus that I will never use, but there are quite a few I would like to use). I am stuck because there is such a lack of materials, especially critical hit and block materials, that I am constantly waiting on getting enough of one kind of material to make one mold, which depletes my stash, and then I have another month+ of playing to get enough of that same material to make the next. Currently it's the critical hit material that is super elusive -- everything I need is waiting on that. I play the underworld throughout the day every day, and get as much as I possibly can out of it, yet I still don't have the materials needed to make the idols I have molds for. Perhaps they need to revamp the way materials are dispersed. Maybe they can start adding materials to hero/guild chests? Does anyone have any thoughts about this?


  • Dreaming of Snowprint adding some bonuses to the Underworld wheel spin. lol

    I would jump for joy if the wheel gave me a hammer, or a lot of materials.  It wouldn't have to be all the time, but every once in a while... hope I don't have to keep dreaming and it becomes a reality : p
  • Are you "Playing" underworld or are you "Farming" underworld? - There's a difference. Efficiently farming the underworld in a very particular manner will get you more materials more efficiently. There absolutely are strategies for doing this, as many have done a lot of theory and analysis on individual chambers and which to "Farm". Might have to hunt around to find some of those little bits of info though. Can't give away all the good secrets  ;)
  • @Denzig.   Where can I find more about farming the underworld?   It would be a amazing if I could get some tips.   I am sure my guild members would also be grateful to learn more about collecting idol materials.  Thanks.
  • Might help to have your Crew share what they are getting in each chest and the Chamber they are in to see if you can identify a pattern.  Are the Underworld rewards totally random ; )
  • Gotta also learn when to hit that Reset button... lol
  • Even farming a level with a large chest, say 60 mats, suppose you want to equip an epic tyr. It will take 7 rounds to get the 420 block mats, 3 for the 140 growth, and 5 for the 280 strength, assuming you get the right mats each time. I can see it taking a month just to get that idol equipped if you’re unlucky, then you also have at least 7 more idols in your team to deal with
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    Best to hit that reset button after the 3rd chest for farming.

    Here is a link to a Reddit thread re. farming the underworld:

    Farming: Focus on pots
    Playing: Focus on defense

  • Awesome!  Thank you to all for the tips.  I will go to the Reddit page and ask my guild mates what they are getting on which level.   Perhaps one day I may get to put together an epic idol....although, honestly, I wish the rare ones were given out more often.   I have a TON of unwanted commons and am loathe to put them on anyone due to the Material costs of making them that take away from the epics/Rares and the price of removing, destroying them...
  • Still dreaming of winning a hammer on the Underworld wheel... lol

    Come on Snowprint, pretty please make my dream come true!

    Really needs to be another place other than the shop to get a hammer : p
  • Gotta be some place Snowprint could add a hammer... the Underworld wheel, a chest... somewhere....

    Players could then use diamonds to purchase crafting materials in the Shop...

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  • I posted elsewhere that it would be nice to be able to win hammers from Underworld chests as well as idols.

    An alternative suggestion is that idols could be removed without using a hammer and have both idol and the socket it was removed from subject to a 24 hour cooldown instead. This would be enough to stop players swapping idols in and out to suit a given situation, but still allow new players to experiment without the fear of putting the wrong idol in the wrong creature and the cost of trying to fix it later. Players would still be able to use hammers to avoid both cooldowns, of course.
  • It's just sad the only way to get hammers is in the Shop, either 200 diamonds for one or 600 diamonds for 3... very expensive.
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    Yeah. 600 diamonds is roughly equal to $6.00 (US). That is stupidly expensive just to change a few idols around. That's about 10% of a premium console game. Are they telling us 3 hammers are worth 10% the value of the newest C.O.D or similar game?
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