Another question on guilds

okay, try again. I'm on two different guilds, one phone, the other pad. On one there's 2 of us fighting, on the other one member drops a bomb and I'm the only one fighting. Today I could have won in two but the game resets itself randomly and when that happens I get a zero score and lose one battle, enjoying the life. So, is this normal/ common?  As per my previous msg, I know little about guild behavior/ operating conditions. 


  • What level are you?  It looks like you enjoy the game and are active.  You can come join my guild of active players. Will just have to decrease min level to join to max yours.  In my guild we try and help each other out with comments and suggestions. Everyone plays boss dungeon and donates gold to guild pot.
  • What guild are you?
  • Oh sorry, level 19

  • Found you and joined, thanks!  Shame I already played this morning, in time out mode. 
  • Yay! Love seeing players come together as a team.  There is so much you can learn about Solgard if you join a team with strategies.  Congrats @Bedazzle and @STSCM !
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