Boss arena sucks!!

Why am I waiting 3-9 hours to play a game?? Not in my time zone so makes it harder. Finding other games. Commented on this a few times??🤷🤷 WTH??


  • Why am I waiting 3-9 hours to play a game?? Not in my time zone so makes it harder. Finding other games. Commented on this a few times??🤷🤷 WTH??
  • It's too bad you feel that way when there are so many different game modes. Maybe try not to focus so much on one game mode and play all the other areas of the game in the meantime. I look at the boss arena as just a few plays a week, which all it's really designed for, and spend most of my time farming on heroic levels, playing hero arena and hero challenge, and the underworld. I find that I can get up to 2-3 hours per day of playing time, spread out over the course of the day.
  • I do play all aspects of the game. There is not enough time in the day for my time zone to get through the game before time runs out. And I am not going to get up at 3 am to start. Why can't it work for all?
  • That's a  good point you make. I didn't consider how the time zones work into it. What if you did your three rounds when you wake up in the morning, then 3 hours later you get another, so do one on your lunch break. Then 3 hours later, by the time you get home, you'll have one more. That gives you 5 attempts regardless of time zone in a 7 hour period.
  • Don't know about the time zones, understand the problems the server might have never mind the IDL!  But I do know, play in the morning, not certain when I'm cleared in next, maybe get one more try then it's family/sleep time (I'm ancient to clarify that), next morning I'm done. Only once did I win the lowest, no idea how I did. Bottom line it's becoming not worth the effort. 
  • I have tried sat and watched the time tick. The only way I can advance is diamonds.  Nope boss arena sucks!
  • With the right strategy, our Crew is doing  good in the Boss Arena.

    We share which creatures are working and why they work.  It's takes an understanding and knowledge of the creatures' special abilities to win at Boss Arena.

    One of the strategies I have the Crew do is go back to Campaign and play the purple games with the figurehead on top.  It almost seems like the creatures that work best on these games work the best in Boss Arena, and that each Heim is closely associated with the Boss for that Heim.
  • @Ninny Did you see the post I wrote up that you commented on? - If you're struggling to defeat the boss in 3 tries you most likely need to adjust your team and game plan. Here it is again perhaps you may find some details in it that you're missing.

    The Boss Arena is tricky at first for some folks who just reach it. This is your first true introduction to "Bossing". You will be battling these bosses a lot, so having a Team that is reliable, and you're comfortable with that can "survive" is key.

    Here's a few points that may help!

    1) Early on some of the creatures you level end up being "No-Hold" Creatures, but in long lengthy battles like these you want to focus on Surviving and Blocking. These no-hold creatures "Roughpaw", "Tusker", "Elfling" and some others are generally leveled up faster, but over time you may find more "Defender" type creatures will often serve you better in this game mode. At level 20 Each Boss has 900 Hitpoints and Nidhogg will attack every turn  in a single column for 18 damage... every turn. 

    If you don't have blockers lined up to cover the lanes which the boss will attack you will very quickly die and your attempt damage will be lower leading to you having to use MORE attempts and blow those 4 hours cool downs.

    Perhaps you may need to switch your Team's Lineup and opt for some more defensive creatures. "Cracklehoof", "Grimchop", "Mire Wyrm" are some to name a few which have high block rates. 

    2) Another important aspect to these battles is learning the Boss Attack and Movement Patterns. 
    They always follow the same movement patterns, You can use this to your advantage and learn to focus your Combinations in the directions that the boss is going to move. You don't want to bother with matching on the left side of the board if he moves to the right.  

    3) A bit of an advanced topic here, but learn how to Combine your Big Creatures so that they are able block "Multiple" lanes that the boss will attack in. A Big Cracklehoof Can sometimes take 2 attacks from a Nidhogg if placed in the correct spot. For Rungner, and Maskina their attacks will cover 2 or 3 lanes. But if you have a Minion standing in just one of those lanes and he blocks the attack, he will block the full attack from continuing to hit the rest of your unmatched creatures. 

    4) The "Class" bonuses can sometimes not be worth using! (Ex: Warriors: -1 Hold, Wights + 6 Sync, etc.)
    Sometimes these end up looking like a good idea and you say, "oh they get a bonus I should really use this creature instead!", but this could be a trap! Some creatures just work better than other despite another creature or class getting a bonus. If your Cracklehoof is your tank, Don't switch out to use a Rotbite just because Wights have 100% Crit!.You need those tanks creatures to help absorb the bosses attacks!

    Hope this helps!

  • Love reading Denzik posts. 

    Treasure trove of relevant and on point info.  Could probably easily write Solgard for Dummies, Volumes 1 through 10, in about a day or two!

    Wanted to underscore and confirm what my experience has been.... when choosing your creatures, what looks like an added bonus/advantage is not always your best choice.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge in the Forum @Denzik !
  • I don't really understand what difference the time zone makes.

    Each one is open for 24hrs, in all time zones.
    All time zones sleep for roughly 8hrs of that time, maybe work for 8hrs, 'free time' for 8hrs.

    The only time I can see time zone having a tiny impact is if it opens as soon as you go to bed so you can't play and reset the timer within the first 6-8hrs or so.

     But even then with 16hrs awake you should still be able to get 5-7 attacks in which should be enough to kill any of the bosses - even at lower levels.

    For me I just see the 24hr limit being a key feature of this area of the game. Like a 2 attack limit is a feature of the dungeon boss.

    Overall the is a huge variety in the styles of gameplay across all of the modes available. You don't actually need to participate in all of them to enjoy the game.
  • How do you reset the timer?

  • The timer is an automatic 4hr timer. You just have to wait.
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