Been stuck on lvl 150 for months!


  • 150 sucks! Just wait until you do it on heroic difficulty -- I remember I could only do it on heroic when Dazzlepaw was boosted and I went with Wyrm wrangler, Dazzle, Rock, Tusker. On regular difficulty it's not as bad, but still pretty tough. You need to time it right so the second turn you get 2 double-row attacks (2x2 combos) with either wyrm wrangler or dazzle. That will knock out the first round of walking dead. Even still, on heroic difficulty I use my raid tickets when farming that because the level is just a pain. There are plenty of other combinations of creatures that will work as well: Stone Fist can certainly help and land wyrm/mire wyrm are a good combo too. Just try different things and see what happens.
  • Watch for boosted creatures.  They have a green glow in Collections.  If you look at the left and right level ups, you will see these creatures are very strong.  Mossbow has served me well while boosted. 

     You do need a good Dazzlepaw or Wyrm Wrangler to keep the minions at bay.  Rock is great if he's leveled up to take aim at the highest health opponent.. Nykor.  Tusker will give your creatures more strength...keep him running over the minions, no 4 square which puts him on a 1 hold before attack.  Some of our Crew uses fire creatures on the minions, and Stone Fist.  Pre-Gloomfang, Valk was one of the go to's for Helheim.
  • Land wyrm/ Mire wyrm is also a combo worth considering
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