Guild Dungeons improvements

As the new guild season kicks off this week, we’ve got some great changes! We’ve aimed to make the mode faster paced, more rewarding, and to give more treasure to more people, especially those in newer or smaller guilds.

  • Better rewards across the board
  • Fewer hit points for bosses and crystals and so more damage done by you!
  • End-of-season chests for the top 2000 guilds, instead of the top 1000
  • Shorter seasons so you can win more chests and gain more rewards
More details will be released soon. Check out or join the Solgard group for more info.



  • Wasn't on line last night. Crew beat first 2 bosses... no chests for me for those wins.. sent Help Center message this morning.    But hey... Yay Crew!! wtg!!

    Hope it's not a snooze, you lose situation.
  • Hey zzzz, which guild are you with?
  • Same here...first two bosses killed by other guildies, no reward chests for me. 
  • edited February 2019
    Anche e capitato di aver ucciso due boss e non ho ricevuto nessun forziere forse perché non ho combattuto visto che erano troppo semplici.
  • Unfortunately, if you don’t damage a particular boss or it’s crystals, you don’t appear on the damage log and you don’t get the chest for that boss. If you do it right, you can split your attacks and bombs across up to 3 bosses in a day, which would help you and your guild mates to get more.
  • My reset is midnight when most of my Crew plays.  Guess I'll be snoozing and losing... lol

    Our team motto is .. A win for one is a win for the Crew! I'm not too upset : )

  • With the new changes, we’re seeing lots of old friends return and new ones appear, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to go over some of the basics of The Dungeons: Chambers/crystals, how to find a guild, and what the rewards can be:
  • Hey zzzz, same here, lots of guys on my guild play 2330 to 0600, I wake up and review the damage reports. I hit my target early and twiddle my thumbs the rest of the day. We get two bosses and I get one chest. Hate this 12 hour layover at Podunk International. 
  • Hi @STSCM ,

    The first few Dungeons battles definitely went to the our night owls... As we are progressing further into the Dungeons, the battle roster is longer.  Working on strategies for Dungeons that may include timing of battles.  Want to see this first new season through before formulating the new strategies.

    Really liking it that if you don't battle, you don't get the chest.  Might encourage players to be more active. 

    Reminds me of when Solgard implemented the Guild Token reward....  don't donate and you don't get the 15 extra Guild Tokens. The reward has everyone donating the max.  It used to be such a struggle to find regular donaters... lol

    These two changes seem to be getting crews to be more active in a positive way.
  • We realized we have 2-3 crews that work the dungeons. It is divided up by the Europe/Asia crew that does their work while the Americas crew is still sleeping, then the Americas crew gets to follow up later in the day when they awaken. Americas also has first crack after the reset when the Europe/Asia crew is still sleeping. We discuss our strategy on discord and then post it in the game chat with the specific decision we made on the guild chat thread. That way those who want to participate in strategy discussion can partake in the discord chat, while those who don't want to just follow the directions in the guild chat.
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