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This is not a new idea, but I couldn't find the discussion or idea using

Yes, Guild should be able to select the type of guild they want.  So, what type of guilds exist?....

The friends and/or family guilds that want to limit players to just that... friends and/or family.

The solo guilds where players just want to enjoy the game in peace all by themselves.

The top guilds that pretty much like to keep their Guilds to invited players only.

The casual guilds that play for fun and welcome all players to join.

It's a shame to see players having to post... don't join... join by invite only... etc.  and messages on the Guild page like... I've already kicked 4 players, join and you'll be the next.

Sure would be nice if guilds had an option of selecting... Open, Invite Only, Solo.  

If and when implemented, a symbol on the Guild page showing the guild type might be helpful.


  • Just a quick comment to bring this Idea back to the top of the Hot Topics list.  Any and all comments, likes, dislikes, etc., would be appreciated.  Thank you!
  • Zzzz. I am curious since I looked at your guild tag# and your guild is closed to new members due to full.  I think this new forum here has been very helpful in getting new recruits.  Guild leaders just need to post. 

    PS: my idea would be to somewhat limit so many small guilds and instead encourage players to search and join an already established guild by charging a certain amount of gold to start a guild.  Also would recommend expanding the suggested list of open guilds that a player can chose from based on drop down list of what player is looking for such as guild language, guild rank and guild level of player acceptance.  The player then can click on guild name to read what leader has written. 
  • There are a lot of guilds that like to keep it solo or small, so limiting the number of small guilds may not be beneficial to all, but...

    yes helping a player choose the type of guild they would like to join could work, with categories like...

    active, daily player; casual; solo
    competitive, fun, antisocial

    It would be nice if guilds could search for players looking to join a guild, where the player could post their Solgard resumes.
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