Energy levels and gold

Energy levels takes way too long to reset. Also you should not lose energy when you won  a level only when you lose a level. The gold you win in underground is rediculous. Really! You should win more in the underground level.


  • Some days I feel like I'm being treated like a bad kid, with all the time outs.

    Might have time to play rather than being here in the Forum putting my two cents in : p

    Not the first time I heard grievances about lack of gold in the Underworld... gold was increased in other game modes, why not the Underworld?
  • You must be timed out too Smartie : p
  • The focus for the underworld is materials and molds, that is the main purpose, so why worry and complain about gold? You get tons of gold now just from the bounties alone (as well as other areas of the game). Try to focus on the material gathering from the underworld, as that's what its purpose is. I find I can easily get 2-3 hours of game play per day out of LoS. If you need more than that: 1) Maybe get some new hobbies 2) A f2p mobile game may not be the best answer for your needs
  • Great answer... I'll give my Crew the same advice : )
  • Yeah but the higher you goi in the undwirkd the harder it gets and again the rewards do not increase when you win. And I'll be working on a certain idol. And all of a sudden a lesser idol pops up and takes all the materials from the one I was working on. 

  • Barefoot. Might want to try shoes lol. The lesser molds do not take any materials unless you craft the idol.  It is the Marshmellow Mindset = meaning there are those who can not wait and need immediate gratification so eat the one marshmallow when if they could wait ten minutes they would get two marshmallows (double reward) while others are able to wait.  [marshmallow test is used on five and six year olds. Lol .  But same concept is true for adults.]
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