Tusker sync with Sundrop not working

I have noticed this twice now, and maybe it's with other creatures too, but when I use the sundrop with tusker, they don't get the sync bonus.


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    This is intended. The "Sun Burst" is a special case when you force minions of a particular color to attack. There are some particular details to keep in mind when you use this ability.

    - It forces all minions of that color to attack whether they were pre-combined or un-combined.
    - Minions attacking with "Sun Burst" that were NOT COMBINED ahead of being forced to attack will only attack with the attacking strength and power of the value indicated on your Embla's Stats + any Guild or Hero Arena Buffs. It's the swirling Orb Looking icon that looks like a spiral. They will not use any of their special abilities and will not benefit from SYNC.

    - Minions attacking with "Sun Burst" that were COMBINED ahead of being forced to attack will attack with their normal attacking power and strength, and will use abilities, and will benefit from SYNC. 

    What I think you're seeing is the difference between minions attacking that were combined vs. not combined. 
  • Thanks for the clarification Denzik -- you're always a wealth of knowledge and it's appreciated!
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