[Bug] Hypothesis for treasure caves low loot issue

Normal drops from treasure caves appear to show up in 2-3 "clusters" of commons/rares:

I also have not noticed any of the new creatures like Bog Mage showing in treasure caves, or epics.

So when you finish treasure caves with little/no loot, do you think it's possible that it tried to pick a cluster that wasn't eligible, say, a new common creature that wasn't updated to appear in treasure caves yet?

(This is regarding the widespread issue reported in https://forum.legendofsolgard.com/legend-of-solgard/discussion/2512/treasure-caves-sometimes-give-very-low-number-of-gems-and-support-claims-its-a-feature-not-a-bug#latest)


  • I will add another instance of where it was reported: 

    Many have certainly hit this issue. Due to players needing to collect Sun Gems in order to progress through the Treasure Caves, they are now being hindered when they hit this issue and collect "Very Small" or even "Zero" sun gems from a Treasure Caves run. With all the new creatures this is likely only making this issue more apparent or worse for players.
  • I've been monitoring this too. And this is what I have noticed.

    If it was "normal behaviour" you would get the full range from 0-80+ (whatever is normal for you in your current cave).

    But you don't. You - most of the time get your normal 50-80, or 0-5. Nothing in between.

    I've also noticed that if you get 1-5 they are all rares. No commons.

    And that on a "normal run" you get maybe 50-60 commons and maybe 1-5 rares.

    So putting all that together it does appear that it is bugged. That may be it is giving you 50-60 "invisible/broken/disallowed" common gems as described above so you don't see them, but if it dropped any rares you still get those giving you a total of 0-5.
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