Hero Arena "Doubles" Team Match

I think it would be fun to have a Hero Arena Doubles match, similar to tennis double matches.  You could battle with one of your teammates in a match against two players from another crew.


  • I think this is an interesting idea. Could you elaborate on how you think it might work?
  • First player selects a partner from his team, and then selects a team of two to go against.  Similar rules to a doubles tennis match.. if the ball (damage) hits a player, they will be the one lobbing back. Haven't watched a tennis match in quite a while, so I may need to do that to refresh my memory and to expand this idea. lol.

    Came up with this idea and the guild training camp when Beast he wanted to fight me to check out my strategy.  Happy I don't have to go up against him in the Arena.  He really is a Beast : p
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