Guild Training Camp

It would be fun to battle members of my own Crew.  A training camp to show different moves and help build strategy as team.


  • Great idea! I think, to make this work, they would need to first create a live PvP mode, which is something that has been discussed a lot, although there is no indication that it's something the devs are working on. Unfortunately the development team is extremely tight-lipped about everything behind-the-scenes pertaining to this game -- they don't even give us patch notes, so who knows what's actually taking place at LoS HQ or what they have in store for the game. Notice there has not been a big media push or any publicity for the game yet (unlike King's other titles like Candy Crush). I imagine it will come once they get through this "beta" phase. I know it's not actually called the beta version, but it sure feels like beta testing right now.
  • Maybe Solgard could combine the two ideas... Guild training camp with the reward being gem, cash or dust exchange : p
  • Great idea but open to exploitation unless handled very carefully. Too easy for a strong player to play ‘badly’ in order to help other guild mates rake in high rewards.
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