Guild Strategy Button

It would be nice to have a Guild Strategy Button, like Info, Find and Leaderboard. That way the team could find the strategy much quicker.  Sometimes our Guild message area only goes back 30 to 45 minutes, and the strategy is gone... lol  Plus you wouldn't have to keep reposting strategy...  just update the strategy tab.  


  • Envision a tab that can be edited by the leader and officers where you can post your team strategy.  Already sent the idea to Solgard via the Help, Contact Us a while back. Wishing I had access to a Strategy tab yesterday : )
  • Another great idea! I wish they would expand the interface and options for guilds. Instead most top guilds create a secondary website on Discord (or the like) to have extended interaction and log their strategy. I set one up for my guild (Go Excalibur!) and we are starting to populate it with a log of our strategy for each boss.
  • Thanks for the Comment!  It seems like adding a tab wouldn't be too difficult.  As Maude from our Crew said... sometimes it's easier to add something than it is to fix bugs.. lol
  • Still looking for my Guild Strategy Button, not there yet! 

    This would be such a simple solution to help Crews stay on the same page and shouldn't be that hard to code.  

    Our Crew isn't much into Discord and the like, but we love to chat... Oops, strategy is gone again... message feed is too long...  lol 
  • Yup, moving this conversation back up to the top.  Really want a Strategy Button, like Find and Leaderboard in Dungeons : )

  • Keep the squeaky wheel going!
  • Squeak squeak squeak... need to keep our Crew following the discussed strategy... Really need my strategy button, pretty please!
  • Hi Mark,

    Not sure if you're crossing the idea off your list, or if you're adding it...   lol

    Sure could have used the Strategy button numerous times this season to help keep our Crew working toward the same goal.

    I took the time to set up Discord but none of our players joined... lol.. They much prefer running just one app.. Solgard.
  • Maybe you could add a lightbulb next to your head if you like an idea? : p
  • I agree. My guild could really use a strategy button right now. 
  • Sure could use it right now.  Posted strategy is gone cause we're talking about furry friends and recipes.. lol
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