How to Pass Level 123

I’ve tried about 15 times now and for the life of me cannot seem to get past level 123. My main group is grimbash for red, Elfling or Rotbite for yellow, rock gronch for green, and tusker for purple. 

This level is driving ne crazy and feedback on beating it is greatly appreciated!


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    There's a few things that can help with this Level. 

    - Using minions that don't have to attack by running into the field of battle; Valkyrie, Wyrm Wrangler, Rock Gronch, Raven Master are a few but not the only ones.
    - Making "BIG" matches rather than Normal combinations. The Big Minions will go over the open "Small-Vortexes" regardless of if they are open or closed.
    - Time your minions attacks so that they won't go down the Column when the vortexes are open.
    - If you're having trouble staying alive you could try using Roughpaw for Red and Grimchop for Green. His shield throw can hit the back portal.

    As far as your current team you listed, perhaps you could reconsider the following:

    - Grimbash is pretty defensive here, but because there's not many things that affect your board, (which would trigger her retaliation hammer) Grimbash may not be the best choice here for Red. You may do better with a Valkyrie or Roughpaw.
    - Rotbite may not be the best option here. He does best when there's a lot of little targets for him to mow down and grow in strength. Because there's generally larger minions you may do better with Elfling for his stuns. When minions are "stunned" they cannot benefit from the "Growth" stat so they'll stay weaker letting you work the giants down in a much easier way before they get really big and nasty!

    Try giving that a shot! Hope this may help! 
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