LoS State of the Realm

LoS State of the Realm

I decided to write an opinion piece on the current state of Legend of Solgard and would love for others to weigh in on my thoughts and opinions. I seriously LOVE this game. I’m a console RPG type player, but have also played most of the King games. I have never been so into, nor put money towards any casual mobile game, but I have with Legend of Solgard (more money than I care to admit). This is a first for me because I enjoy the RPG aspect mashed with the puzzle game, and it’s something I can play daily (I don’t get to play on the console much because of work and family). LoS has grabbed my attention, and therefore I get a lot of enjoyable daily gameplay out of it. That being said, I have been a very vocal and tough critic (maybe too tough at times) because I have become so passionate about this game and want it to be the best that it can be. I know the devs are working hard to improve that game and make it the best possible game from their end, and I do appreciate their efforts very much, even if it doesn’t always come across that way in my posts.


  • Campaign -- We are all anxiously awaiting new campaign levels, and I feel that most people would much rather see more campaign levels before any new creatures, game modes, or other tweaks introduced.
  • Treasure Caves -- There is no point for treasure caves anymore. Hardly any dust, hardly any gems, the only reason I do the treasure caves is for my daily quest bonus. They need to figure out a way to improve the treasure caves, whether that be increasing the rewards, adding some variety to the levels, or make the levels be more of a problem-solving situation, rather than just basing pots. What if each treasure cave needed a more specific combination of creatures to access the treasure? Maybe certain pots appear after they get mud splashed on them or a pot struck by lightning or hit by arrows causes another pot to appear.
  • Bounties -- I love the bounties, especially now that I am getting a ton of gold (I was in the low gold group) for completing them -- they are my main source of gold now and I love it. What I don’t like is the very stark contrast between most levels and the stupidly difficult levels. Most levels I can finish off in 1 or two tries, then there are the ridiculous levels (the ones with full-powered Vinebeard and/or Grimbash) that are just insanely hard and are darn near impossible to beat without getting extremely lucky, or having level 7 legendaries at your disposal (which most of us only dream of). I would love to see a little more balance to these levels. I wouldn’t even mind seeing the “regular” levels be a little more difficult as long as the “ridiculous” levels become a little easier. So many of us get stuck on a particular level for weeks at a time (or longer) and that just shouldn’t happen.
  • Hero Arena -- I have been won over with the new hero arena format. Adding the numerous league tiers and the updated payout system has really made the Hero Arena an enjoyable experience. People can choose between getting the wins or getting high rankings, which is a smart way to do it, so everyone can feel good about their time in the hero arena and get rewards from it. My one complaint is still that players are in leagues they don’t belong. Having the many tiers has helped that, but it’s still not the way it should be. I have benefitted from this because I had purposely lost a bunch of seasons so I could drop down to a lower league and work my way back up. That just happened to be when they added all the new tiers, and now I am annihilating everyone in my path as I move back up through the multitude of tiers to get to where I truly belong, which is the upper part of the grandmaster leagues. As I have suggested before, the level/power or creatures should be taken into account when moving a player up or down, and a player should not be allowed to move up (or down) unless they have the requisite power of his or her team. I still need to play all the way through to have a formal opinion, as my thoughts on this might change once I get up to the legend league again.
  • Hero Challenge -- I love the hero challenge as it focuses on depth of roster, it certainly needs some tweaks though. I enjoy the strategy of choosing which squad to go against the opposing player, and it makes some of your lesses used creatures more important. I have added idols and boosted some of my third tier creatures as a result, and I love having a well-rounded team. Things I don’t like: Choosing the top opponent is too challenging, choosing the bottom opponent is too easy, so I always end up choosing the middle opponent (and still pretty much always win). The multiplier bonus really pushes one to not choose the top opponent, and should be done away with. The reward system needs some changes as I never have a chance to get the Epic Chest, and the large common chest is just pointless -- I’d rather just get more tokens. I also think the season is too short with too much of a cooldown period between your 5 plays.
  • The Dungeons -- I love my guild and how we are developing as a team to strategize and attack the dungeons. The only thing that really, really needs to change here is the regulations on guilds and how many attacks/bombs/donations a guild is allowed to have per day. There are too many teams that have abused this loophole by rotating more than 20 players through on a daily basis, gaining a huge advantage in the process.  It’s not fair to everyone else who is playing on the level.
  • Boss Arena -- *Yawn* It used to be fun, exciting, and nail-biting, now I’m at the point where I’m beating each boss in 1-2 attempts and I just go through the motions every week in hopes of getting an epic (or better) mold. I’m level 20, and have received one epic mold (and it’s not even a good one). At what point do we start seeing more of those (let alone legendary molds)?! We need more bosses, more attempts throughout the week (why not have it open twice a week for 3 days each?), and better rewards.
  • Underworld -- *Yawn* Going through the motions everyday for crafting materials just gets boring. Anybody have suggestions on how to improve it? Any suggestions on which level is the best to stay at for farming purposes? (I am currently staying at level 10 as per a Reddit post a while back that stated that was a good farming level, but I don’t know if I should move on or not).
  • Treasure Hunt -- Better now that we get more gold. It was kind of pointless before because it was so hit and miss for very little reward. It’s fine, not my favorite, but also not my least favorite game mode.
  • Rainbow Hunt -- In a three attempt sequence, one level will give solid rewards, then the next will give practically nothing and makes it feel not worth the effort. I wish the rewards were a little more consistent.
  • Idols -- I love the idea of idols, but hate the restrictions of which idol can go where. I also hate the fact that so many idols are completely useless. Why would I want to spend the gold and materials to craft an idol that gives me shape bonus (probably the most worthless bonus in the game) AND have it take up one of only two spots a creature has for idols? So pointless! We should be able to exchange extra molds for materials, or for other molds we really want. There should also be a greater variety of idols people actually want. All I am interested in are idols that add strength, growth, block, and crit. Everything else is not worthwhile, IMO (those are also the 4 materials that are the hardest to come by). Sure, sync, merge and big are nice, but why would I want any of those when I could be adding strength, growth, crit, or block? What kills me are the idols that pretend to be good, but upon closer inspection totally suck, Like Munnin Rare Moon: shape, sync, merge, crit (I’m sitting on 3 of those right now BTW). I’d rather just have Vidar Common Moon: Strength and crit instead. They really ought to rework the idol situation by adding more idols people actually want, stop giving us tons of molds we don’t want and getting rid of the requirements (I should have Vidar common Moon on Dazzle instead of RavenMaster, and RavenMaster with Sleipnir common Moon instead of on Dazzle, but I can’t because of the silly restrictions -- let US decide how we want to use our idols). One last thing about idols, the hammer is way too expensive. 600 diamonds for 3 hammers is outright robbery. Reduce the price of the hammer please -- removing 3 idols to place elsewhere shouldn’t cost $6.
  • Creatures -- Too many creatures. Period. Stop making new creatures OR make it so we can get rid of creatures or turn off creatures so we don’t continue to get their gems. I’m tired of croaker and bogg mage gems! It seems like there is one worthwhile creature for every 5 or 6 useless creatures. Moon Mage just looks downright awful and I wish I would have just saved my scorcher stones for diamonds. Meanwhile, this huge amount of creatures lessens the chance for us getting the gems we really want. Maybe we can have a top 20, where we only receive gems for our top 20 creatures, rather than the bloated 42 that there are now.
  • Dust -- I really don’t mind the lack of dust too much, although it is a little too low. I love that we can level up creatures now, without too much difficult (b/c of the gold boost) and the real strategy lies in choosing which skills of which creatures to boost. There is just too little dust to actually make a difference when it comes to epics and legendaries. I think they ought to be giving us a little more dust, but I like the idea of what they are going for.
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    ... Most levels I can finish off in 1 or two tries, then there are the ridiculous levels (the ones with full-powered Vinebeard and/or Grimbash) that are just insanely hard and are darn near impossible to beat without getting extremely lucky, or having level 7 legendaries at your disposal (which most of us only dream of). 
    I get why these are hard. It's the last level of bounties in the game currently. Things need to be hard to give people a challenge. That said, they are certainly do-able without level 7 Legendaries thankfully. Many players have completed these bounties with 3 Common Minions and a rare. You don't even necessarily have to have level 6 minions. (Although they certainly make things easier)

    The first time I battled Vile Villains Gang 4 I swept all 3 first try and likely got incredibly lucky. I used 3 commons and a rare. HOWEVER, I was likely able to do this because I spent a very very long time in Vile Villans Gang 3... The reason I did this was to reliably farm the first 2 levels and ensure i had a somewhat steady income of gold. It wasn't a ton, but it was a steady reliable amount. It forced me to level up, skill up, and get better at using minions to be able to battle these bounties confidently.

    I've posted about this elsewhere, but the game has like you pointed out some very startling steps up in difficulty. These are like gut punches, but they force you to slow down and have to work on your creatures and strategy to beat these levels with reliability. Even after having cycled through VV4 several times now, I still have fights that take a few tries to beat it. I'm okay with this. It's meant to be hard :smiley:
  • Denzik, You make some great points. Perhaps I was over exaggerating the difficulty of the level, because I too have beaten it several times now with my "A" team that has two commons on it. My underlying message remains the same though: There should be a progression, when it comes to level design, that I feel they are missing with the bounties. Levels should steadily increase in difficulty to the apex of the final boss, and I feel the bounties just don't do that, as the levels leading up to it aren't nearly as difficult, and then you hit a wall with the final one and must get very lucky to be able to pass it.
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