Moon Mage Event Chest

I’ve opened 6 Moon Moon Mage event chests and not gotten a single Moon Mage crystal. The event chests are dropping the same things as the free chests.


  • I hear it's a 5% chance of getting a Moon Mage in one of those chests, but I don't know if that's accurate or not. IMO, Moon Mage is not very impressive, so I don't think you're missing out. I'm just turning in my scorcher stones for diamonds. I opened 4 or 5 chests, but didn't get anything either.
  • I opened 11 Moon Mage chests and didn't get a single Moon Mage gem :( I guess that's the luck of the draw.

    One good thing that I discovered though, is that once you complete the final scorcher tree, it will reset back at the beginning. Previously, I was timing the completion of stages in order to max out the stones (i.e. Get say 18 out of 20, then max out the next attempt) because I thought that it was finite. Now just max out every attempt :).
  • I accidentally used 100 diamonds to get a chest, thinking I could trade my scorcher stones for diamonds -- oops! I wish they would add a "Are you sure?" dialogue box when you purchase something to avoid that, or accidentally purchasing things if you mistakenly hit a button when you didn't mean to.
  • Moon Mage was a bust event.  One of our Crew opened more than 20 chests before getting a single gem.
  • zzzz said:
    Moon Mage was a bust event.  One of our Crew opened more than 20 chests before getting a single gem.

    Well, I did read somewhere the chances of getting a Moon Mage were 5%, so 1 out of 20 is exactly that.
  • So disappointed I opened and opened chest after chest and didn't get the Moon Mage. I opened all chest that I possibly could... smh...
  • Try not to worry -- legendaries are far out of reach unless you play for a looooooooong time or dump boatloads of money into this game. I'm level 20 and are far from having any legendaries wroth playing. You're better off focusing on your OP commons like Gloomfang, Dazzle, and Red Guard. They are much easier to level and will make you competitive much more quickly.
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