Can anyone tell me how to get past a Grimbash?

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Can anyone tell me how to get past a Grimbash?  I’ve been trying for days to get through the bounty with Grimbash, rockgronch and raven master. Completely failing every time 😣


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    If this is "Vile Villains - 4 - Battle #1" otherwise known as VV4.1 - Alfar... It's a challenge, and may take a few tries, but i've had success with the following team.

    Roughpaw: Buffs your minions and provides block. The key point though is that he doesn't trigger anything that would affect the Grimbash. Valkrie Arrows that go stray and hit targets that are affected by Grimbash are bad and end up hurting you. Roughpaw here just affects your side of the board and avoids nasty Grimbash Retaliation hammers.

    Rotbite: Don't sleep on this little guy he might start small but swings that club viciously once he gets going. Sync these if you can. Trying to make a Big will likely get them killed... Sync them and line them up so he can mow down a column of weak minions. Sneaking these through with Roughpaw Buffs and being synced can easily take a massive chunk from the enemy's health if not win the battle outright. 

    Land Wyrm: I use him here, but most folks don't actually have a Leveled Land Wyrm... I use the poison to control the board, work down  Rock Gronchs and Raven Masters, but also for the ability to Strike through and Pierce the enemy's face. He can sometimes strike through weak minions, hit the enemy's health total and then swing again sneaking in surprising damage if he lives. He will also provide a poison aura for Roughpaw and Rotbite to take advantage of with their no-hold attacks. You may not kill the thing on the other side of the board but you might poison it to keep it from growing out of control.

    If you don't have Land Wyrm developed...

    Grimchop: Rock the Chop. He'll block a fair amount of attacks when combined with Roughpaw and his naturally high block rate. He also has a similar "Pierce" or strike ability that hits behind targets. The shield throw can work down minions and the hold timer isn't that long so you can often times just sneak him through. 

    Good Luck! - This is the hardest level of bounties in the game. It's gonna be hard, but if VV4.1 is a real struggle for you... wait until you hit 4.3...

  • Good advice Denzik! I tend to use fast creatures and ones that don't throw stuff (no Val, Rock gonch, crack, etc.) Tusker, roughpaw, Dazzle, grimchop are a good combo since all three fast creatures will help boost your grimchop. I usually beat this level when grimbash doesn't get combined, so you'll just have to keep working at it and get a little luck on your side.
  • I used GrimChop, Mudscrape, Dazzlepaw but it took over 50 tries. In general don't put anything right in front of her always attack just off to either side.  Best if you can get behind GrimChop and then load up that side.
  • You should probably not use mudscrape, since that causes the grimbash to stay on the board longer then they need to. I would suggest not using any creatures with stun ability.
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