Legendary Chest "Chance" Clarification

I was hoping we could get some clarification on the reward chests, like for the Hero Arena, Guild Shop, etc. When a chest says "Legendary Great Chance" what does that mean? 10%, 20% 50%? What does "Legendary Good Chance" and "Legendary Possible" mean? I have opened probably 7 or 8 Hero Arena chests that say "Legendary Great Chance," but have only received one legendary token. Does anyone else have some data or experiences to share with regards to this?

Can the devs shed some light on what that actual probability is to get a legendary form chests with these different labels? This would be very helpful to determine if it is worth taking the time to work for those chests or not, and could alter the strategy of many people if we knew they were worthwhile (or not worthwhile). This would also help with the communication/transparency piece that Snowprint has been really struggling with so far. IMO, I'm thinking the chests are not worthwhile, despite the misleading "Legendary Great Chance" label. To me, great chance would mean there is a GREAT CHANCE, i.e. more than 50%. If it is less than that, they should really change the wording or, more importantly, give us the ACTUAL PROBABILITY. Please PROVIDE us more transparency/honesty and maybe that will start winning back some of the fans that have left or have stopped paying into the game (like me).


  • Hi LiquidMinstral,

    Found this thread in support. Moving it to ideas section where it will get better exposure :+1:
  • Absolutely agree. Have opened at least 10 small arena chests in a row with no legendary content. What is their idea of “great chance”?  Either I am amazingly unlucky, they are really misleading, or there’s a bug of some kind. 
  • Agreed, it would be nice to have Officially approved drop rates, progression tables etc. that people could freely refer to for decision making or when people ask on Facebook. Presentation wouldn't matter if information density is the issue; even a parseable text file or Spreadsheet could be helpful.
  • Click on a chest, there should be a small info "i" which explicitly show the drop rates in %.
  • hargelid said:
    Click on a chest, there should be a small info "i" which explicitly show the drop rates in %.
    Not all chests have this little information icon - Some do, so it's nice to see it when it does, but not all do, and I would push for consistency regarding when this little icon shows up and when. 
  • I really would like to play more with legendary creatures but gems are so rare they are so low level to match any other creature. Is there any chance to improve the chances of getting those in chests so it raises the interest of the game?
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