Redguard Early Chance .... Rip Off

So the limit for the event card reads higher chance of getting Redguard and a purchasing limit of 10 I figure ok 20 bucks I'll  get some stones and buy 8 out of the 10 limited chances and mind you it said higher chance of getting him plus his a common so 80% chance plus the higher chance to drop cause of the event explain to me how I got 0 stones what are the real odds totally feel cheated and mislead by the event and game. Real bummer when I really like this game .


  • Hi Üller!

    Sorry to hear this :(

    I think this is valid feedback for the game so I have moved your thread to the Ideas section.

    - Mark
  • Boosted chests for all the events definitely disappointing.  Why even bother buying them?  Should have learned from the event the odds are not in the player's favor.  More like a deck stacked in Solgard's favor.
  • Don't waste your diamonds on "boosted chests!" Save them for dust -- that's the best bang for your buck with diamonds, and the exchange rate hasn't changed going diamonds --> dust like it did for gold --> dust.
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