Accounting for Damages (Contabilização de Danos)

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Tenho uma sugestão; 
Poderiam conciliar os danos / XP de acordo com as habilidades do jogador, um exemplo: Se o jogador souber montar uma boa equipe, fazer uma contabilidade dos danos causados e recebidos, calcular e transformar em uma porcentagem de xp, porque eu achi que o jogo dificulta muito o aumento das habilidades das Criaturas com que o jogo fornece.


  • Hi there Gênesis! 

    Thanks for the suggestion :+1:

    I did a Google translation of your thread:

    They could reconcile damage / XP according to the abilities of the player, an example: If the player knows how to assemble a good team, make an account of the damage caused and received, calculate and transform into a percentage of xp because I think the game makes it very difficult to increase the abilities of the Creatures that the game provides.

    Don't forget the Solgard Forum is in English only.

  • MarkHawk.  Just curious.  Does other international players with major languages like Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. have their own forums with their own monitors/moderators that feeds info back to devs???
  • @Bedazzle >> Not to my knowledge. I'm pretty sure there's other forums and facebook groups out there but I haven't heard of any that have direct contact with the game studio.
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