You're still treating your players like crap! (regarding the new update)

You spent 2 months with 2 different groups, where one group was clearly much worse than the other. In the end you put everyone back together, which is an improvment and bring things much closer to the better group but you still nerf some things of that group.

I understand increasing the prices of the daily deals but only if the dust gained from treasure caves was the same as it was for the low gold group. What this will do is create a huge dust starving for everyone and people won't be able to progress all the same.

Also, the daily deals are useless now. Who is gonna buy those? The goal of having daily deals in a game is to make them actually worth it! Maybe a player sees a good deal but doesn't have enough resources for it so he works toward that the whole day to try to buy it. Or maybe they decide to spend some money so they can afford it. If you put horrible deals there, you might as well just remove them because everyone will ignore them.


  • Totally agree. This will completely stifle creature development, just as much as lack of gold did. It takes 26500 dust to upgrade ONE epic ability from level 9 to 10. And you are giving us a measly 150 per day from Caves (if we’re lucky)?!!! I hate to think how much it takes for a Legendary (I’ve not got that far yet). Now it’s not even a realistic proposition to buy dust from the shop either...
  • They tried to make us happy by increasing the amount of gold we receive, yet increased the cost of everything we would spend gold on -- that's not an improvement, that's moving sideways. In addition, we get a fraction of the dust now -- clearly moving backwards. I don't know what the devs are thinking, but they continue to upset their paying customers, which is sad because it is such a great game. No matter how amazing a game is, if the players are feeling cheated, they will leave.
  • Totally agree with others! Just adding that to upgrade ONE creature would take a years! ((🤬

  • I would like to amend my previous comments. I like the new update, for the most part. Gold is easy to come by now, which is great (unless you were in the high-gold group to begin with and are still complaining -- get over it). That means you can level creatures easily, and pay for whatever you want easily. With dust being the rare commodity, you have to really pick and choose which abilities to upgrade, and that's where the strategy comes in. No longer does everyone have the same 6 or 8 creatures they use because there is a lot more diversity in the creatures, their types, and their abilities AND you can't just upgrade them all. What the big change is the introduction of over powered (OP) common creatures: Gloomfang, Dazzlepaw, and Red Guard. Now it's not worth investing in Epics because they really aren't that epic and are way to expensive to level and upgrade. I've stopped putting anything into my beloved Valk and Rock Gonch because there are other cheaper alternatives now. I feel they need to amend the dust requirements of Epics and legendaries under this new economy because no one will be investing in them anymore and only the old-skool players will be using them. I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot of the gloom/red guard, dazzle, mossbow, tusker lineups in the near future.
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