"Pot of Gold" event disappears. Not a great start to the gold-fix update.

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I started the game, and downloaded the update. No problems there. 

Oh, a treasure goblin event! Just started, too. I do need gold.
Wow! Rewards are now 750 for beating the level, instead of 150. I will just hit play, and....

The window scrolled down. No more event. I looked around...it had simply disappeared. The client hadn't crashed or anything like that.  Just....no more event. 

I have to say, I did have high hopes for the update. 
That didn't leave me with any good feelings, though.

And this is really the time that matters for good feelings to a player base. Especially one that is starting a sort of exodus after feeling they were treated unfairly about resource distribution. 

Is is there any recourse?  Does customer support ever reply to such a small matter?


  • Hi Calyad,

    Thanks for telling! I'll report this issue to the dev team.

    And to answer your question - yes, I do believe that if you get in contact with the support team they will also respond back :) You'll need to use the in-game help center located in the game settings menu and from here you can report issues with the game.

  • They have gotten very good at responding (and quickly) to the in-game support tickets.
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    For those who are curious, there was some 'back and forth' with customer service (like where I told them "I immediately tried resetting the game and clearing the cache.  Then I tried to update the game, and reset again."  The next day, long after the event had passed, they responded with "You should try to reset the game and clear your cache."  I responded that I had already tried that, as per my original email, and they replied with "You should try updating the game."  Stuff like that.)  

    Nothing was done for me, but I *did* get a few reply emails.

    So, keep that in mind if you are thinking of spending money on this game.   Which I do not think I will do, now.
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