lvl 19 Player seeks serious guild

Serious player level 19 headed to 20+. Looking for a serious guild. Will donate 150 per day, bomb boss only  and play 365 days a year. English speaker. Any top guild have room? Let me know


  • Hi Laird_Gregg. Check out tg#BOZQH.  I think you will like us.  We try to help each other out with suggestions and listening to ranting/raving cuz at times game can be frustrating but remember it is just a game.  Lol. :)
  • Could be a good fit. What is your current guild rank? Thanks

  • Presently 223 and rising up in ranking.  
  • Are you sorted?

    How far away from level 20 are you? Ideally we are looking for a level 20 but your characters are more important tbh if you have more than 60,000xp towards 20 and a good range of level 5&6 toons we will be prepared to lower our level.

    the uprising #OEBHP.

    Last season finished 21st.
    currently sitting 15th
  • I should add that we do have a player waiting to leave but they don’t want to let us down before we find a replacement so you won’t find an open spot yet.

    if you are interested let me know and we will say our farewells to our current player and open up that spot for you.
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