Get rid of your unused junk (like idol molds)

It would be really nice to be able unload stuff you don't need like the 12+ idol molds I've collected that are terrible and I will never use. Maybe we can exchange unused idol molds for diamonds, gold, or raw materials. Maybe we could exchange them for items, like 3 molds for a set of the the waaaaaaay overpriced idol removal hammers (you guys REALLY need to lower the price of those -- $6 for three hammers is a TOTAL ripoff). Another way to get rid of unused stuff would be the ability to exchange materials with your guild-mates.

Anybody have thoughts or suggestions about this, or how to improve this idea?


  • And get rid of creatures you do not want and never have to suffer getting glowbuck gems in every chest for a month until you want to throw that chest against the wall (if only you could 😂). I mean this could work against you as later you may discover that creature has turned out GM great or is the key to completing some level so it’s not like you will just go getting rid of them all easily but you can reduce some of the boring gems received. Perhaps they could make a cap on number of creatures that can be exchanged and/or removed for certain time periods. 

    Trading gems in guilds would be very cool 😎 
  • In some ways it would be VERY nice to get rid of creatures for good, and never have to get "wasted" gems for those creatures anymore (it drives me nuts when I think I get Val gems only to find out it's Shroomling). BUT, I'm guessing people will get rid of all but 12 or 14 creatures, and if you only get gems for 12 or 14 creatures, they will become too powerful too quickly. The top players and teams might pull away even faster then they already are. This game already gives the top teams and players too much of an advantage, as they are the only ones who can get Legendaries with any regularity, making the gap between the haves and have-nots greater with each day. In addition, if you got rid of creatures, that would have a severe impact on the Underworld, which would have to be completely reworked.
  • Lol LiquidMinstral. Same thing happens witth me regarding thinking (briefly seeing) getting Val gems and ends up some other red gems. Good to know that I do not need new glasses.  
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    I posted this about 3 months ago in another forum. Probably because it was so hard to use these forums back then, but I'll repost the content here as I still think the ideas would be valid and are still relevant. 


    While starring at the collection of Common molds I've amassed and wishing I had more materials, I had an Idea that it would be nice to be able to Salvage or Dismantle unwanted Molds to generate a Fraction of or smaller Portion of crafting materials in return.

    I could see a few ways of implementing such a feature. Things that came to mind...

    Example: Gullinbursti - (Common: Sun Mold) + 5% Crit + 1 Big Bonus Requires 60x Crit & 60x Big Bonus Materials:

    A... Salvage / Dismantle the mold for a portion of materials based on the Upgraded Stats the mold's crafted idol "would" have generated.

    - When this option is chosen grant a random number between 15-30x Materials of Crit & 15-30x Big Bonus.

    B... Salvage / Dismantle the mold for greater amount, but randomized "type" of crafting materials.

    - When this option is chosen grant a random number between 40-60 Materials of Randomized Type. Could be multiple types granted, but total materials returned is between a range.

    While Molds are Rare and hard to come by, many will obviously just sit in people's collection collecting dust. This gives people more materials to actually put towards Idols that they actually "Want" to craft. With the steep materials and gold costs this helps work towards that goal maybe slightly faster, but feeling like more progress is being made and getting a "Common Mold" as a reward doesn't feel like a let down as it can be recycled.

    Another Idea would be to combine types of idols to either exchange for a new random mold of the same type... Or upgrade the idol molds to the Next Higher Tier.

    So for example you could trade in 5x (or some number of) Common: Sun -TYR" Molds and get 1x "Rare: Sun - TYR" mold. Perhaps the UI could visually show you what you're trading in and what you're getting back... then you have to confirm the option to perform the trade in.

    Just some ideas to help address the glutton of molds that will never see the battlefield.

  • Great ideas Denzik!
  • I have many materials.  I can’t find molds anywhere.  I do my dailies.  Is there somewhere specific they drop? I would love to add some idols to my team. 

    Thank you. 
  • Molds come from a few places, but are rare, and the likely hood of getting a rare and epic or even a Legendary are very slim. You may play for months or even a year and never see a Legendary Mold drop. 

    However, the two most common places you will find a Mold are;

    1) Boss Arena: 
    All 3 Bosses (Nidhogg, Rungner, and Maskina) have a “chance” to drop a mold with the exception of Maskina who I believe is a Guaranteed Drop.
    - Nidhogg rarely if ever drops one but it has happened 1 time in my many months of play. It’s better to not “expect” a drop though. It will only lead to disappointment. 
    - Rungner can sometimes drop one but it will still often go a few weeks in a row where he doesn’t drop one though. You can cross your fingers and hope for one from him and if you get one, consider it a lucky week. 
    -Maskina will and has for as long as I can remember “always” dropped an Idol mold. However, Maskina will drop everything from Common to Legendary Idols. You will most likely get a Common drop, Rare drops occur maybe 1or 2 times a month in my experience, and you could get lucky and have an Epic Drop, or...  (I’ve only seen screenshots) maybe just maybe, even a Legendary drop once in a “Super Blood Wolf Moon”... 

    2) Underworld
    - Underworld is your source of Materials and rarely Molds too.You should try to continue doing Underworld every day and progress generally as far as you can. If you fail a chamber and have to reset, don’t be discouraged it’s not really a hindrance to progression since you pick up materials along the way. Molds have dropped from “Large Material Chests”. I can’t recall if small regular “Material Chests” drop them too, but I wouldn’t expect a mold from a small chest. The large ones however, have shown to rarely drop a Mold. I’ve personally only seen up to a Rare Idol drop from a Large Materials Chest, but it’s only happened once. I have maybe gotten a handful of commons. 

    Also, Molds can come from other sources (The Shop for Diamonds, Reward Chests for those who place exceptionally high on Leaderboards, Etc ) but the listed 2 is where most players get them. 
  • Denzik. I like your suggestion of being able to combined completed molds that have not been used yet to make an idol into a higher level single mold.  However, to maintain the challenge level of the game, the materials would need to be used up to make these new molds. 
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