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The I wanted to suggest some changes to the leveling of the Hero Arena Leagues. I have stated it on a previous thread somewhere, awhile back, but with this new "Ideas" section, I thought I'd revisit it. It seems as though changes need to be made to how and when players league-up or down at the conclusion on a season. We find far too many high-powered players are in lower leagues where they don't belong, and players getting forced into higher leagues where they are extremely outmatched. I have learned the system now, and if I play the Hero Arena regularly, I will eventually end up in the Legend League, where I definitely don't belong. I imagine there are many players weaker than me with the same problem. So then I must forcibly lose every round to drop down a league, sitting out the duration of en entire season. It's not fun doing this every other season, so I end up purposely losing for three seasons in a row so that I get dropped down to Expert League I, then I ramp back up and play through three seasons until I get to Legend League, and do it all over again. It's not fair to those in Expert League I, where I am too strong for most all players in that league, but us veterans know, this is the only way to be successful in the Hero Arena.

I suggest you base the level progression (whether a player advances to the next league up, or gets dropped down) based on the strength of your top 4 sprites. Either using the actual level, or the "power" of the sprite. For instance, if you don't have at least 4 sprites that are level 6, you won't get moved into the Legend League, regardless of your end-of-season ranking. Conversely, if you have at least 4 sprites that are level 6, you will never drop below Grandmaster League I. Of course the qualifications for each level need to be sorted out, but this way, at least you can continue to play competitively on one or two levels, and get moved up when appropriate,  rather than having to "cheat the system" by purposely losing every other season (or 3-4 seasons in a row as too many of us are doing).

Anybody have thoughts about this or suggestions to improve on this idea?


  • Lol LiquidMinstral.  Had to read this post several times and figured out that 4 sprites = 4 critters (since one game critter is actually a sprite). The difficulty with your idea is that you’re top 4 critters could change depending on your opponent. I am in grandmaster League 1 (idk how many grandmaster leagues there are) which now advances top 50 whereas before you could have been top 200 (exaggerating) and advance.  Perhaps a more sustainable solution is that as a player advances up the ranks and higher leagues like Legend League you will need to top 40 then 20 to compete in top league.  Would need more leagues.  Unfortunately there will always be those that are stronger or weaker than you so no real fix for leveling hero arena.  I think that as players get stronger than will need more arena hero leagues.

    i think new reward system is better in hero arena so above does not matter.  I also find that the more wins you score in hero arena the harder your opponents become an vic versa if loss so many times without changing your critter you will get opponent that you can beat (might be only a couple in a string of all your attempts but a win is a win to obtain crowns for hero area shop). Thoughts ???

  • Hi Bedazzle,

    Thanks for your thoughts. I like the idea of only advancing a smaller number of players -- that makes sense. I'm not concerned about stronger and weaker opponents, that's a given. I'm worried about a player with level 6 & 7 critters going up against players with level 4 and 5 critters -- that should not happen if they configure the system right. I think more leagues might be a way to solve it as well. I think top 4, or maybe top 8, should weigh into the equation of whether you move up or not. Yeah, you may not always use the same top 4, but it's a strong indicator of a player's overall strength and, I think, the league they should belong in. Quite frankly, I pretty much use the same 4 in Hero Arena for everyone, and don't change that lineup at all. I'm curious if that's the same for everyone.

    Yes, I notice the more wins, the tougher the opponent, that's great that it works like that, but then again you also run into those extremely powerful players who are losing to rank down and are at the bottom of the rankings for the league.

    I also like the new reward system -- I find myself playing the Hero Arena a lot more than I used to, but I'm also having to sit out a lot to rank down, in order to get back to getting rewards.
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