New Forums - "Edit Post" - Your message must be approved for your edits to appear - Please disable

Recently it would appear that your forums now have a setting turned on that prevents comments from showing up after they are edited.

Sometimes you type a comment or a post, but recognize you have a small typo or you meant to change a single word or you ended up accidentally leaving out some critical thought or information you want to convey in your post. When you go to edit that post, recently we cannot have our comments seen until they are approved.

Who does this approval? Why does editing a single character or capitalizing a single letter in a title or a comment require it to be "Approved". Please review this setting and disable it or readily have your post edits be approved.


  • Hi Denzik,

    The forum forum engine is young and needs training is recognizing what is spam and what is real content. I've released your posts from the Underworld caves ;)
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