Top 20 team seekslevel 20+ player

Hi all,

One of our team has decided to quit playing the game, therefore we are looking for a new member of our team. Guild tag #OEBHP.

 He has offered to stay on until the weekend unless we find someone sooner. Therefore if you are interested please reply so we can advise him we have found a replacement and create space for you. 

What can offer you
excellent teamwork
decent buffs
advice and guidance across all game modes
amazing banter and a friendly supportive chat room.
all chat is in English. Most players are from Europe with some international members
guild boosts activated daily to boost scores
Finished 21st last season. Currently Sitting between 10th and 18th depending on the day.

What we a looking for
level 20 or very high level 19 with a solid boss team (combination of level 6 commons and/orlevel 5 epics for example)
daily donations - 150
daily attacks (miss 2 consecutive days without warning results in a kick)
willingness to support team goals

Interested? Check us out. low turnover of players shows that we are a good guild to be a part of.

do reply if interested and we will create space.



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