Last level on Bounty HELP!

Hi, i'm stuck at the last lvl on bounty, all enemy creature are lvl 7 with full skills and i have lvl 4-5 lvl at my best creatures. From 1 mounth i'm blocked there. I want a button to reset my bounty or to come back with 1 lvl below. It's imposible for me to win this bounty. I play so smart and i get there, but the enemy creatures are so so strong. Developers and people who work on this project. I'm not the single person with this problem, on facebook page are more people with this problem and we talk there about this thing. 1) create a button to reset bounty like " if we won the last lvl" . 2) come back with 1 lvl if we dont pass in 3 days current bounty. Thank you and i will w8 an answer fast pls.


  • Agreed even with all level 5 and 6 almost impossible to beat should be able to reset or something to lower levels 
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