[Bug]: Catapults and Damage to Big Minions - Big Minions take Extra Damage in Impact Zones

I've been trying to track this down and finally got a recording of it.

Issue: Big Minions when standing in the impact zone of a catapult will take the Strength Power of the Catapult in damage for every individual square board space for which the Big Minion occupies.

The video below demonstrates the behavior as described below:

- The Big Mire Wyrm is technically standing in 2 spaces of one Catapult's impact zone, and then 2 spaces of the other catapult's impact zone.

  • The Catapults fire their projectiles. Both Landing on the Mire Wyrm at nearly the same time, but if you watch closely the following damage numbers display in rapid succession.

    • 7 damage

    • 0 (-7) (Block)

    • 0 (-7) (Block)

    • 0 (-7) (Block)

  • The Mire Wyrm had 19 Health he suffers 7 points of damage worth from 1 square space, And then proceeds to block 3 different damage hits of 7 damage. He then grows +3 Strength... three different times to end up at a total of 21 Health. 19-7 = 12...+3+3+3+ = 21.

  • As you can see there are only 2 Catapults on the other side. The Mire Wyrm is being hit with 2 extra square spaces worth of damage.

I've seen a big minion with well over the health of a catapult's strength end up dying completely as it was standing as a 2x2 Big minion, in the full impact zone of a catapult and ended up taking 4x the damage in one shot.

As far as I know, I don't believe this was intended. If so why wouldn't a "Big" Fire Strider's "Boulder Blaze" hit for 4x the damage on a Boss or a Big Minion when it throw's its "Boulder Blaze"? Why does a Rock Gronch's "Boulder Hurl" not hit for 4x the damage on a Boss or Big Minion when he throw's his "Boulder Hurl"?


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    Hi Denzik,

    Never got around to say thank you for taking the time to track this issue.
    I've escalated this to the game studio so they can have a look at it.

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    You're welcome. Catapults are not the only things that exhibit this behavior either. Rungner's Fist Slam that also has an Impact Zone does this as well. When he opens the fist and smashes it flat the Big Minions standing in the impact zone displayed on the board will take extra damage. Big minions if lined up to block Rungner's Main attack who get hit by this will die much faster than they should leading to you losing a minion meant to block and defend from the main attacks. If this happens it will end a run much faster than one would have anticipated.
  • Denzik. You do not say what level the special abilities are and the block along with crit character of your critters even when combined to become a big minion.  Also do not know what idols with block and crit.  This could be the unknown factoring.  It seems Wyrm special abilities when high level along with inherit block ability is somewhat what you might be observing.  ?This is also be countered by opponents inherent and special and idol abilities.
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    @Bedazzle - My Creature's stats have nothing to do with the fact that my Big Minion is taking 4 hits when it should be taking only 2. 

    Idols and Character stats are not the focus of what the bug is here. Big Minions standing in impact zones take damage for every individual square they occupy when hit by Catapults or Rungner's fists. My character's block, crit, and Mire Wyrm's special abilities are irrelevant to the issue at hand. It could be any minion standing in the "impact zone" and they'd still take more damage than they should.
  • Denzik. When I look at video I see your purple snake in catapult square lower left corner which is also interlaced with another catapult square upper left corner ? resulting in combined catapult hit. Be interesting to see what devs say. 
  • @Bedazzle There is overlap which you have noticed. It's taking damage for every single space/square that it is standing in within an impact zone. There is 1 individual square, 2 squares which are overlapping, and then 1 other square, for a total of 4 spaces. Therefore the Mire Wyrm is being hit 4 times. To me it logically make senses to only be hit by 2 hits rather than 4. The Mire Wyrm is 1 minion not 4 individual minions. There are 2 projectiles so it seems to me that it should only be hit "twice" not 4 times.

    Here's another example of the same behavior, just in a different scenario. In the Rungner battles the Fist Smash exhibits he same behavior.


    The screenshots show that the Mire Wyrm in that screenshot is standing in "Half" of the impact zone, or 2 individual spaces. As you can see again, the Mire Wyrm takes 2 hits, but he happens to block both of them. Rather than being hit just once.

    The bug has been filed and this should be plenty of information for the Dev Team to research the issue, but it's up to them to make changes.  
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