Hero Challenge

I don’t see how it is possible to get 5000 points on this without buying extra tokens. I cannot even get to 3900 as the most I seem to get offered in any bout is around 460 (even with a 2x streak bonus). The reward tiers are wrong imho with this setup; they should be closer together at the upper end to encourage play and risk (and possibly further apart at the start). Once I reach 2800, I stop because I know I’m not going to get to the next one. I rarely play the hardest battles offered because I know I can never get to 3900 at all and I hardly ever need to play bout 10 at all. The last reward should be around 3500 rather than 5000. Reward tiers below that could be at 3200, 2800, 2300, 1750 (small chest), 1150, 500, 150.


  • Hi KevinTropman,

    Some part of the game mechanics are being tweaked for future releases of Solgard. I've included your feedback to the dev team.
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