Best Use of Idols

Has anyone toyed around enough with idols to share a solid build?  I've got 2 epic crit idols in my lvl 6 raven and seems to be pretty solid.


  • Wait until you get molds that will help your specific top 4 minions. I waited on using the common molds until I got the rare molds, and figured out exactly which were my top 4. You will be stuck with the common and rare molds for a REALLY long time before you get epic molds, so you might as well make some idols with them. I'm level 20 and have only gotten one epic mold. Now that my top 4 each have a sun and moon idol (each has one common and one rare), I am adding some idols to my 4 second tier minions. My strategy is go with strength for everyone, growth & block for minions who hold, and critical hits for no-hold minions. Merge and shape, are pretty worthless (too bad that's what they give you the most of), and sync is good for creatures who already have high sync and/or are no-hold like Tusker and roughpaw.
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