New version of Solgard is being rolled out! Version 1.5

edited January 2019 in Updates

Hi guys,

Version 1.5 of Solgard is currently being rolled out in stages over the next couple of days. Please check your app store in order to update.

New in this update:

  • New creature: Redguard (Bounty event begins 20-January.) Redguard is a new common creature with "Thorn Wall" (barriers that will also stab your enemies in front and to each side) and "Valiant Spear" (critical hit buff for nearby allies and direct damage)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Testing Notes:

Auto battle option after completing campaign level 19, the training camp.  A button will show while playing a level that toggles the Auto Battle feature in-game. An AI will control the creatures for the player. This will be available for 50% of players as an A/B test

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