Top 200 Guild - 1 opening for Lv 18 active player!

SWEDEN just got one spot opened!

Despite the name we're a mixed lot with no prerequisite on knowing Swedish. English is used in the chat and we talk about everything from joking around, exchanging ideas about the game overall to naturally communicating strategy. We have fun together!

Our journey since establishment has been No. 1035, No. 496 and with three players missing at the critical phase of last season we plunged a little and ended as No. 179. I'd say the first 100, or even better, is a given next time!

Check our stats, and if you're ready to play daily - join our friendly crowd!
  • Guild Leader: #OriginalViking
  • Daily donation: YES! The majority donates 150
  • Player Lv median: 18
  • Activity: Message when you’ll be back or kick after 7 days of inactivity to make place for active peeps
  • Buffs: HP +5 / Crit 5% / Block 5% / Sun Burst +1
  • Leader board previous season: 179
  • Boss: 1/4 Muspelheim
  • Openings/Min Lv1 player Lv 18
  • Tag: #YOOTQ

Drop me a line if you have any questions!

Welcome to SWEDEN!

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