YCYTO (All For One)

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Buffs: +5 Hp | +3% Crit | +4% Block | +1 Sun Spear

Hey! We are an international guild and speak French, English, Spanish & Italian. We managed to be in the top 60 but when the guild leader quit the game we dropped to 12 members and finished in the 400's. 

I have taken the guild and this season we can definitely be in the top 100  or even higher with a full squad.  We're looking for anyone lvl 10+ at the moment. The average level of our guild is 18, so if you join, you'll find some serious buffs and helpful players!! Join now!  

Guild Requirements:

- 150 Gold Donation Per Day.

- Bombs goes only to the Boss.

- Keep an eye on guild chat and info tab for Strategy and announcements.

- English is our official language, but have many international players.

- Be positive and have fun!




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