[Bug]: Cracklehoof's "Lightning Fury" Skill's Chain Damage appears to do less than it should.

Per the Skill Description on Lightning Fury:

Lightning Strikes Dealing (Power - Bonus) damage to 1 random enemy. It will then chain, hitting (Evolve) more enemies for 1 less Damage each time.

My Level 6 Skill should do 3 (Power) - 5 (+2 Bonus) Damage, and it should chain hitting 2 more enemies for 1 less damage each time. When Luck Strikes it deals the Luck Damage to the first target, however every chained damage strike will ONLY ever hit for 2 damage and then 1 damage.

In the screenshot you see that it strikes for 5 Damage and then chains for 2 and then 1. Shouldn't the 2nd Target of the chained damage take 4 damage ( 1 less than 5) , and then the 3rd target take 3 damage (1 less than 4)? This also is not just a symptom of the "Try It" skill demo mode. This is affecting the skill in normal battles in Dungeons, Heroics, Guild Battles, and PvP.

I have done some additional videos in which the Luck Damage rolls 4, and it will still only do 2 damage to the 2nd target and 1 damage to 3rd target.

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