Merging: Uncombined Minions + Combined Minion vs. Combined Minion + Combined Minion

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I've always wondered the difference here to why some skills trigger in one scenario but not another. 

There are 3 Different Types of "Merges" that I've determined.
#1 is Take an already Combined Minion and then "Merging" 2x Uncombined minions into it.
#2 is Take an already Combined Minion and then Merge another newly Combined Minion into it as it cascades to the front of the board.
#3 is Take 3x Uncombined Minions and Combine them (or 4 for a Big), Then as your Minions Move to the front of the board 2x same color minions auto-merge into the minion that slid to the front.

There are different interactions with triggering skills and the merging of minions. 

Scenario #1: Common Merge
 - When Minions are merged You will trigger "On-Combine" skills (Valkyrie will Fire Arrows, Grimchop will throw shields, and Cracklehoof will Smite with Lightning bolts)
Scenario #2: Combined Minion Merged into Combined Minion
- You Will trigger Skills when you take minions and first combine them. However, if you happen to have a matching already combined minion at the front of the board, that is the same as the minion you just combined, the Minion will cascade forward and "Merge" into the minion at the front. However when this happens the Minion only receives an increase in strength, but no skills are Triggered.
Scenario #3: Combine Minion into Common Merge.
- When combining a minion a Skill with Trigger, however if you combined in a column where your front 2 rows contain uncombined minions that match the Just Combined minion in the back your minion will cascade forward to the front of the row. The 2x uncombined minions will then auto-cascade into the matching minion performing a "Common Merge". When this happens you get 2x Activations of Skills. Once on Combining the minion and then once on the Cascade into a Common Merge. 

I'm curious why, when 2x Combined Minions are Merged into each other (Scenario #3) at the front of the Board, do skills Not Trigger? Seems like you are performing a merge of some sorts, as minions receive strength bonuses just like performing a "Common Merge", but skill are not triggered.



  • Very good observation Denzik.  I guess it depends on what player is trying to achieve - attack vs block and number of attempts player has allotted (used or not used) and other potential merge combination of other critters during play.  
  • Absolutely Bedazzle! - There's a lot of "It Depends" scenarios in this game. I'm perhaps just a little more interested in some consistency of behavior. Which, when Merging of the 2x same color combined minions into another Combined Minion, I was expecting to see Skills Triggered. While it isn't a "Merge" by the game standards, I do see two of the same color minions being combined and stats being added together in Scenario #2, which is the same thing that happens on a Merge ( #1 and #3)  that does trigger skills. 
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